Troubleshooting Click Tracking

When you add a web tracking domain, Insightly will report how successful your links have been with Prospects.

If you've setup click tracking but it isn't returning expected results, it may be the result of one of these common issues:

No clicks

URLs were added as regular text instead of hyperlinks.

If a link from an Email you've built is not tracking clicks, you may have added URLs as regular text instead of hyperlinks.

When you want to add a link in an Email, click the content box and use the hyperlink button.



Links not being tracked

The URL may have been entered incorrectly.

If the URL you entered begins with http:// or https://, your links cannot be tracked properly.

Go to System Settings > Domain Management. Review your Website Tracking Domains and make sure each domain does not start with with http:// or https://.


The links have been entered incorrectly.

If your link is entered incorrectly, you will end up with a broken link. Make sure there aren't any typos or syntax errors in the link.

Too many clicks

Spam filters.

Spam filters could be clicking the links in the Emails you've sent to Prospects to identify and prevent malicious activity.

It's not possible to know if the link was clicked by a Prospect or by their spam filter. If there's an unusually high number of clicks from a single domain, it's probably a spam filter.

Spam filters are flagging my links 

Click tracking is triggering alert messages in users' inboxes.

Your Prospect's spam filter might be incorrectly labeling the links in your Emails as spam. To avoid triggering filters in the future, try hyperlinking with descriptive text instead of just writing the URL.

For example, writing "Learn more on our site" and hyperlinking the text instead of using "".

Any type of tracking link can trigger aggressive spam filters, however. Using links with click tracking might appear to be a fraud attempt by the filter. This isn't a typical experience, so we don't recommend turning off tracking unless absolutely necessary.

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