Form Handler Error Pages and Solutions


Developers may reference the list of errors and solutions in this article to determine how to handle error query parameters when building a user facing error page. 

Error Pages and Solutions



Permission Denied - Lacking needed Insightly Marketing Subscription 

Ensure that the Insightly instance the form is submitted too has a proper subscription status.

Unsafe HTML Detected - Form data contains unsafe HTML

Prompt the user to resubmit with safe/encoded text if special characters are required. 

Exceeded Submission Limit - Too many submissions in a period of time

Resubmit the form.

Error Verifying Captcha Response - Failed the reCAPTCHA check in the form

Resubmit after passing the Captcha or ensure that the Captcha matched what's set within Insightly Marketing.

Please Enter Valid Email Address - The email address is either of invalid format or does not belong to a valid mail server

Prompt the user to reenter the email with a valid format as well as a working mail server.

Please Enter a Valid Business Email Address - The email address belongs to a public email provider, not a business email

Prompt the user to resubmit the form with a valid non-public email provider domain.

Unsupported Content Type - The content type is not supported by the form

Check that the form submission type matches what's handled by the form handler within Insightly Marketing.

Form Handler With Record ID Not Found - The form handler that the form is submitting too does not exist

Change the link that form is submitting to to a valid form handler in Insightly Marketing.

Invalid Form Data - An empty form was submitted

Prompt the user to resubmit the form with valid data.

Invalid Field Mapping - Some/all fields that the form tried saving to were invalid

Check form fields and ensure they still exist for the object within Insightly Marketing.

Invalid Form Data (Missing Fields) - Form was submitted with missing required fields

Prompt the user to resubmit the form with the required fields complete.

Invalid Form Data (Invalid Form Data) - Form was submitted with fields that were not valid

Prompt the user to resubmit the form with values that are safe/valid (this is usually caused by special characters and/or improper formatting).

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