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reCAPTCHA is a free service developed by Google that assists in protecting websites from spam and abuse. reCAPTCHA allows web hosts to distinguish between human and automated access to websites; reCAPTCHA is used with form handlers to prevent spam form submissions. Insightly Marketing utilizes reCAPTCHA v3.

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How Does reCAPTCHA Work?

Insightly users can setup reCAPTCHA to track a site's traffic and understand how often forms receive submissions from potential bots. This data can be used to take appropriate actions for a site and to prevent abuse in the future. reCAPTCHA learns by evaluating traffic on a site in real time. reCAPTCHA works best when as much context as possible about the website interactions is provided - this comes from identifying both legitimate and abusive behavior. 

After setup, reCAPTCHA will return a score for each Prospect interaction with a form. This will not interrupt a visitor's experience, therefore it can be run at any time without affecting conversion. The average score is based on a Prospect's activity on a site. The score ranges from 0.0 to 1.0 - the latter being most likely a positive interaction or good traffic. 0.0 is most likely a bot or abusive traffic. 


To begin using reCAPTCHA, users will need to sign up for an API key pair for their website. A key pair consists of a public key/site key and a secret key:

  • Public Key/Site Key: A public key or site key is used to execute the reCAPTCHA service on a site or mobile application. 
  • Secret Key: A secret key authorizes communication between an application backend and the reCAPTCHA service to verify the user's response. The communication will occur once the JavaScript code has been setup on the website manually or if the form HTML from the form handler has been generated (review the Form Handlers Overview article for information on how to generate form HTML). For security purposes, a secret key should not be shared.
  1. To setup reCAPTCHA, select the user profile in the upper right of Insightly Marketing and from the expanded menu, select System Settings.
  2. Via the Feature Settings section, select Form Features
    1. In the reCAPTCHA Settings section, enter the keys in the Public Key and the Secret Key fields as applicable and click Save Settings
      1. If the reCAPTCHA Enabled checkbox is enabled when creating a form handler, Insightly will generate additional code in the main JavaScript code to implement the reCAPTCHA feature on that form. This code can be found by opening a form handler record, clicking the Actions drop-down and selecting Generate Form HTML.
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