Running AppConnect Recipes

This section covers Recipe management - what you need to know in order to handle testing (i.e. fetching a single trigger event), starting and stopping a Recipe.

This section also covers jobs management - how to read your jobs report for troubleshooting and debugging, as well as how to customize your jobs report to get the most relevant data.In AppConnect, you can work with Recipes in various ways:

  • test a Recipe to run a single trigger event through the Recipe logic

  • start a Recipe to have it pick up trigger events

  • stop a Recipe to have it stop processing new trigger events

  • use skip step to build and test your Recipes incrementally

Long actions

Long actions are actions in the Recipe that usually deals with handling bulk data. As such, these long actions take minutes to hours to complete depending on the size of the data. Developers and operators may find it useful to cancel a job when such long action steps are in the Recipe. It is typically supported by the applications like Marketo, NetSuite and more.

Here is list of long actions.





Run data import

Run a data import process in Anaplan

Run data export

Run a data export process in Anaplan

Run deletion

Run a delete action in Anaplan

Run process

Run a process in Anaplan



Wait for specified length of time


Bulk export leads to file

Retrieve a list of Marketo leads as comma, tab or semi-colon separated values

Bulk import leads from file

Bulk import leads to Marketo from file

Bulk export activities to file

Retrieve a list of Marketo activities as comma, tab or semi-colon separated values


Add/Create in bulk

Adds/creates in bulk in Netsuite


Wait for paid invoice

Wait for paid invoice on QuickBooks


Send IDoc

Send IDoc to SAP


Send survey invite via email and wait for response

Send survey invite via email and wait for response in SurveyMonkey

People Task

Request task approval

Request approval via People Task

Google BigQuery

Insert rows

Inserts rows in the selected table

Select rows

Select rows in a table in BigQuery

Select rows using custom SQL

Select rows using custom SQL in BigQuery


Create/update object/record. Bulk upsert

Creates object or record if it doesn't exist otherwise update existing

AppConnect has a read-only mode that allows you to view details on your Recipes, jobs, version, and connections without the risk of accidentally making an edit to any portion of the Recipe.


To edit the Recipe, please click on the “Edit Recipe” button to be taken into the Recipe editor.


Clicking on any of the Recipe steps will allow you to view the step details on the canvas. Please note that the data tree will not be visible in this mode. To access the data tree and make any changes to the Recipe, please click on the “Edit Recipe” button to be taken into the Recipe editor.


Hovering over a datapill will allow you to see more information on the source of the datapill.



AppConnect will show all your jobs in this tab in a customizable format. You will be able to view important information including job ID, start date, contact name, and whether the job was a test job, production job, or repeated job.


You can access the job details screen by clicking on any job in this section.



Every time a Recipe is saved, a version of the Recipe is saved. Previous versions of a Recipe can be restored at any time. Recipe versions can be viewed in the Versions tab and are denoted by their version number. Recipe versions can also be viewed and restored from this tab.



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