Running AppConnect Recipes: Start

Start Recipe

Starting a Recipe will cause it to pick up trigger events and process them through the Recipe. When a Recipe is started, it becomes active.

Starting a Recipe for the first time

When a Recipe is first started, it will fetch trigger events from the When first started, this Recipe should pick up events from configuration. Subsequently, it will continuously process these events. If you had defined the Since/From date during testing previously, this date cannot be changed again for this Recipe.

If you had tested your Recipe in test mode before starting, the Recipe will not reprocess any trigger events previously picked up during testing. This prevents duplication of data in your apps. You should only start your Recipe when you've fully tested it - check out the section on testing Recipes if not.

If you have any successful jobs, the Start button should be displayed by default. Otherwise, it can be found in the dropdown list.

Starting a Recipe for the second time onwards

For most AppConnect Recipes, when a Recipe is started after it has been stopped previously, it will continue where it was stopped.

For example, if it was stopped on Monday, and started again from Thursday, the Recipe will fetch all trigger events since Monday and process them.

However, this might not be the case for Recipes with real-time triggers powered by webhooks - trigger events that occur during the time that the Recipe was stopped might not be picked up by the Recipe.

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