How to set up opportunity state reasons

When changing the state of an opportunity, you have the option of including State Reasons to give you more information about the status of an opportunity. Insightly administrators can add and edit custom state reasons for all your users.

To add a new opportunity state reason

  1. Go to System Settings > Opportunity States.
  2. Select the opportunity state for which you would like to add a reason.

    Settings State reasons select state

  3. Type the reason in the Reason field.
  4. Click the Add Reason button.

    Settings State reasons enter reason

Your new state reason will now appear when you change an opportunity to the corresponding state.

Opportunity state reason selection

You can only assign an opportunity state reason when you change a state. To update an opportunity's state reason and keep the original state, change the state to "Suspended," save the record, then change it back to the original status to add the reason.

Using the Suspended state instead of Won prevents the Actual Close Date field from being updated on the opportunity.

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