[Insightly Classic] Sending and scheduling email from Insightly

Insightly Classic is the old version of Insightly. It's not available to new accounts. Users on Insightly Classic can switch over to the latest version.

After connecting one or more of your email accounts to Insightly, you can compose email messages directly in your CRM and send them to one or more leads or contacts. Setting up email templates and customizing your email signature can make writing your standard, personalized emails even easier.

If you are more interested in staging email marketing campaigns for larger groups of recipients, we also offer an integration with MailChimp.

When you send emails from Insightly:

  • You can choose which email address will appear on the "From:" line, provided you have connected more than one account to Insightly.
  • The messages will be sent from your own email account and will appear in the Sent folder of your email program.
  • You'll receive replies directly in your email account's inbox.
  • All emails sent from Insightly will be saved and linked to the leads or contacts and appear on your Emails tab > My Emails > Sent.
  • While anyone can send emails immediately, customers with a Plus, Professional, or Enterprise subscription plan can schedule them to be sent at a specified time and date within the next 7 days. Scheduled emails will apply to the daily limit for the date they are being scheduled. If the limit has been reached for the day you select, the system will notify you. (Trial plans are limited to 100 emails per day.)

If you would prefer to compose and send an email from your default email program and the email address you use to log in to Insightly, you can still click any email address link in Insightly and your browser will open your default email program.

Four ways to start a new email message

  • To a single lead or contact: When viewing a lead or contact, click the Actions menu and select Email This Lead or Email This Contact
  • To multiple leads or contacts: From the Leads or Contacts tab, select up to 50 leads or contacts and click the Send Email button. Leads or contacts without email addresses will automatically be removed from the recipients list.
  • From the Emails tab: Select the Emails tab and click the New Email button.


  • From an email template: Select the Emails tab and then the Email Templates tab on the page. Click a template to open it, click the Actions menu, and select New Email from Template.

Composing and sending messages

  1. Check your recipients.

    The Recipients panel will appear on the right side of the Compose New Email page. This will list the leads or contacts you have selected (item 2 in the image below). You can enter lead or contact names and email addresses in the Add Email Recipient field (item 1) and select them from listed matches. This will add the recipients to the list in the second section. You may select a batch of up to 50 at a time.
  2. If you have more than one email account connected to Insightly, select the appropriate address from the From: list.
  3. Click CC/BCC if you'd like to add those fields. These fields can include up to two recipients.
  4. If you’re going to use an email template, select it from the list.
  5. Enter or verify the email subject line. A subject line is required. Even if you’re sending emails to many recipients, write the template as if you’re sending it to one individual to make it more personable.
    Leaving out punctuation marks like exclamation points will help to keep your email out of recipients’ spam folders.
  6. Enter or verify the text in the email body. You can format your text using the toolbar options as well as insert hyperlinks to web pages. Use the Insert Fields option to personalize the email for every recipient.
  7. Click the Browse button if you would like to upload a file to attach to the email. Each message can not exceed 20MB in attachments.
  8. If you would like to edit the email for individual recipients—for example, if you have an added note intended for one, but not all, of the leads or contacts—click Preview.
  9. In preview mode, you can select each recipient and make changes only to the selected lead's or contact’s email message without affecting the messages to the others. If you use the Back button to return to the Editor, you will lose any changes you’ve made to the individual recipients’ messages.


  10. Click the Schedule/Send button to send the email messages. If you have a Plus, Professional, or Enterprise subscription plan, you can select a date and time to send the messages at a later time. Your emails will be queued up for sending.


Email Limits

  • Daily Limit: The number of emails that can be sent from your account per day is limited by your Insightly subscription plan. This limit is per account (i.e., for all your users), not per user. The daily limit resets at midnight UTC/GMT (Greenwich/London time).
  • Batch Limit: To compose a message to a batch of leads or contacts, you may select up to 50 records at a time.
Trial plans are limited to 100 emails per day.
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