Viewing Web tracking data

From the Prospect Timeline tab, users can review a Prospect’s tracked activity, such as interactions with Form submissions, Redirect Links, or browsing sessions.

Visitors can be associated with existing Prospects by clicking on any link within an Email sent through Insightly Marketing or by filling out an Insightly Marketing Form. 

After you’ve set up a Web Tracking Domain, you can review the data Insightly collects.

Where can I review the data?

There are two reports that record the tracked visitor results. They can be found in Advanced Reporting under Visitor Reports.


Visitor Web Pages Viewed Report 

This report presents every unique individual web page an anonymous visitor has viewed.

Visitor Web Page Activity Report 

This report contains details of the anonymous visitor's activity, such as:

  • Their browser 

  • Their operating system

  • Their geographic location

  • The Internet provider they use

  • Count of pages viewed

  • The entry and exit pages

How can I see Form Submission data after a visitor becomes a Prospect?

  1. Open a Form Handler record.

  2. Go to the Submissions tab. Each user that has submitted a form will be listed by their email address.

  3. Click the three-dot menu to the right of the Prospect's email.

  4. Click View Form Submission.

  5. The Form Submission will appear. When you're finished reviewing the details, click Close.

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