How to add Contacts and Leads from CRM to Lists in Marketing

If you use Insightly Marketing as well as Insightly CRM, many of your Contacts and Leads may benefit from receiving Emails sent through Insightly Marketing.

Users can add these records to Lists through bulk editing if they have a Prospect record that is associated with the Contact or Lead.

You will need to have editing permissions for the Prospect to use this feature.

To add Contacts and Leads to Marketing Lists:

  1. Go to Contacts or Leads.
  2. Select records to be bulk edited.
  3. Click the Add to Marketing List button.
  4. Select the List you want to add your Contacts or Lead to. Prospects linked to selected Contacts or Leads can be added to a static List in Insightly Marketing for targeting with Journeys and Emails.
  5. Click Add to List.
  6. Marketing List is also available within the Contact and Lead individual records' Related tabs in CRM. Clicking on Marketing Lists from CRM will redirect the user to the list details page in Marketing. By default, this option will not be available in a page layout but it can be added by an Administrator via System Settings. 
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