March/April 2017 Release Notes

We will keep this page updated with the latest release notes following and addressing changes from the March 25 update.

April 7

  • Removed empty fields in the Insightly Sidebar for Gmail
  • Update Xero integration with new address types

March 30

  • Added new system setting to auto-create custom fields and import previous data
  • Added new Email and Phone Number types for custom fields
  • Allow saved emails to scan custom email fields for matching contacts
  • Fixed some misspellings on organization export files

March 28

  • Allow unlimited records on "update-only" imports
  • Removed empty fields from Outlook add-in
  • Fixed API search for phone numbers, emails, and addresses
  • Fixed DOB field import issue for contacts

March 27

  • Fixed ability to send emails from Insightly
  • Fixed summary fields for reports
  • Removed empty fields on contact and organization view

March 25

  • Changed field structure for contacts and organizations
  • Migrated excess field values into an "Additional Information" note for affected records
  • Full details in our FAQs
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