What's New at Insightly April 2024

Learn what's new with Insightly by reviewing enhancements that are now available! For questions, the Additional Resources section can be utilized to learn more about getting support from Insightly. Use the links below to navigate to a specific product.

Insightly Platform 
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Enhancement List

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Insightly Platform 

We've implemented several enhancements to the navigation bar within our applications. These include refining the spacing, positioning, and hover effects of top-right menu items. Additionally, we've upgraded the quality of profile image avatars to ensure a better visual experience. Furthermore, we've made few enhancements to the global search bar. Lastly, we’ve modified the app switcher to display specific background colors for custom apps.

Here is a link to our help documentation for Navigating Insightly.

Insightly CRM

Add Record ID field to Activity Reports

We’ve included Record ID (with hyperlink to the corresponding record) as an optional field, labeled "Record ID" in the field selection menu, for inclusion in the following activity reports:

  • Contact Activity
  • Lead Activity
  • Opportunity Activity
  • Organization Activity
  • Project Activity
  • User Activity
  • User Generated Activity

Here is a link to our help documentation for User Activity Reports.

Sync Quote to Opportunity using API Endpoint

We have added a new API Endpoint to sync a Quote with an Opportunity.

API PUT Endpoint: /Quotation/{id}/Sync

This endpoint is designed to sync a Quote with its associated Opportunity, mirroring the action performed when selecting the "Sync with Opportunity" option from the action menu under a Quote. If an opportunity already has a quote synced to it, calling this endpoint will unsync the existing quote from the opportunity and then sync the new quote with the opportunity.

Here is a link to our help documentation for Quote Sync and API Documentation.

Insightly Marketing

Show Message Tab by default if populated

Upon clicking on an email from the Emails List View and opening the details record, if the Message field contains content, then Message tab will be made active and visible by default instead of the Details tab.

Here is a link to our help documentation for Emails Overview.

Users should be able to Opt in to Public Lists

On the List Management modal, users now have the ability to join any Public List irrespective of its current membership status. Consequently, upon joining, the user will be included as a member of the list. Additionally, Public Titles will be displayed instead of List Names.

Here is a link to our help documentation for List Management Page.

Insightly Service

Internal Note should only be changed by Admin or Author

Only the admin or the author of an Internal Note has the permission to edit or delete that note (ticket comment), non-admins and non-authors will not have the permission.

Here is a link to our help documentation for Ticket Comment Settings.

Insightly AppConnect

Trigger AppConnect Recipe upon new File Attachment

We’ve enabled the capability to utilize the addition of a new file attachment in Insightly as a trigger for an AppConnect recipe. When configuring a trigger for the creation of a new entity, you can now select the object name for File Attachment.

Here is a link to our help documentation for Building AppConnect Recipes Triggers.

Insightly Mobile Apps

Mobile Release CRM 4.11 & SVC 1.6

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