Market Your Business with Insightly Marketing

Deliver and nurture quality leads for your business with Insightly Marketing. You can turn website visitors into leads with engaging website content and marketing emails.

Below is an overview of tasks that will get you started with Insightly's marketing tools. Within each section, you'll find links to detailed instructions for each task. 

Create a landing page

Design landing pages to attract visitors to your website. A successful landing page informs prospects about your brand and provides an opportunity to convert them into leads. Insightly's landing page tool allows you to create landing pages from starter templates and customize them with intuitive drag and drop modules.

Set up form handlers

With forms and form handlers, you can capture key information, such as name and email address, that allows you to nurture your leads. Customize and style your forms, then add them to your landing pages. When a contact submits a form, their information is stored on a Prospect record in Insightly, and you can then convert them to a lead for your sales team.

Send and analyze marketing emails

Insightly's marketing email tool allows you to engage with your leads and contacts, send promotional offers, and provide news and updates about your business. You can personalize and tailor the content of your emails to deliver relevant information as either a one-off email or in a Journey

Before you begin sending, set up a test email list to ensure your emails render correctly. You should also customize your email footer to comply with email sending regulations.

After you’ve sent your first few marketing emails, you can see how recipients are interacting with your content or optimize your emails with A/B Test Emails and Multivariant Testing. As you ramp up your sending volume, monitor the positive engagement rates of your emails to ensure a healthy sending reputation.

Monitor links and content

Share content with your followers to increase traffic to your website and convert more leads using Hosted Files and Redirect Links. Upload your content and track downloads, share on social media/third-party sites, and track clicks and downloads. 

Assign prospect scores and grades

Automatically qualifying leads with scoring and grading can save time and resources while increasing close rates and improving sales and marketing alignment.

Grading your inbound leads ensures that the leads being passed from marketing to sales match your company’s ideal customer profile. Leads are automatically evaluated based on a number of implicit factors like location, industry, job title, and company size, and assigned a letter grade (A - F).

Lead scoring, when used in tandem with lead grading, can ensure that only the most qualified leads get passed from marketing to sales. A lead score, displayed as a numerical value, indicates how interested leads are in your product or service.

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