Quickly adding new items & viewing recent items

You can add a new contact, opportunity, project, task, event or organization from any page in Insightly with just one click. This little shortcut is to the left of the search box at the top of the page and is labeled with a plus (+) icon. Just click the icon to bring up the menu.

Quick add button

Accessing recent items in Insightly

Insightly remembers the last ten items you viewed, and creates a list of those items so you can quickly jump between them, or jump back to them and continue where you left off between sessions. You can access the Recent Items list on the right side of the central search box at the top of the page. Just click the icon and the list will pop-up. Initially it won't be populated, but as you view items like contacts, projects, opportunities, organizations, tasks or emails - the list will add those items in.


Recent items button

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