Saving an email directly to an opportunity or project

It is possible to save copies of your emails directly to opportunities and projects in Insightly. You can do this via a special mailbox address we've crafted for each user and each opportunity and project. Sending an email to that mailbox will automatically link it to you, the specific opportunity or project, and to other contacts and organizations with matching addresses in the message header. You can see your special mailbox address under each opportunity and project in the Link Email Address field. Opp Proj email address You can right-click the clipboard icon to the right of the address to copy it. If you are forwarding a message you have received, send the message to your opportunity or project mailbox by placing the address in the To field. (Do not place other addresses in this field or things won't link up correctly!) If you are sending a message and want to save a copy to Insightly, place the address in the CC field. See Using your Insightly mailbox address to save emails for more about which email fields to use to save messages to Insightly. Here's a cool shortcut that some customers like: Add a contact to your email program's address book for each project or opportunity that you're actively working on and paste the Insightly mailbox address in the contact. Then, instead of copying-and-pasting the address from Insightly each time you need it, you can simply CC or forward to something you can remember, like "Insightly Project - Project Parade" or "Insightly Opp - A Great Opportunity."

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