How to create a new email template

When you create an email template, it's available to all the users on your Insightly account. Email templates can be sorted into objects and categories to help you organize and group them. Templates can also be used with Workflow Automation, which can send an email for you when it's triggered by a change on a record.

How to set up a new email template

  1. Click the Emails tab on the left navigation bar.
  2. On the Emails page, click the Email Templates tab near the top of the page.
  3. Click the New Template button.
  4. Enter a template name. This is the name that your Insightly users will see on their template selection list—this will not be visible to email recipients.
  5. Choose the type of object this template will be used for. Opportunities, projects, and tasks are only available for Workflow Automation templates with Insightly Professional or Enterprise subscription plans.

    Please note that opportunities, projects, and tasks can only be used for internal emails - you cannot send these to anyone outside of your team's Insightly account, such as your customers.

    Once a template is set for an object, it cannot be changed later.
  6. Select a template category from the list or add a new one to the list by clicking the Add New link.
  7. Enter an email subject line. Even though you’ll be sending emails to different people, write the template as if you’re writing it for one individual. This will make it more personable.
    Leaving out exclamation points will help keep your email from being filtered as spam.
  8. Type the content of the message in the Email Body field. Use the options on the toolbar to format your text and include links to websites. Use the Insert Field option to personalize each message with fields from each record. Insightly will fill in the values from each recipient's record, such as contact names or details from a project.
    Don’t add a signature in a template, since Insightly will insert your name or custom email signature on each email for you.
  9. To attach a file to your template, click the Browse button. You can repeat this step to add even more attachments—up to 25MB for each template. 
    • To select multiple files, after clicking Browse, highlight (select) multiple files at once in the files finder. When attaching multiple files, they will need to be housed in the same file location on the computer.
  10. Click Save.

After the template is saved, all of your Insightly users will be able to select it from the categorized template list when composing new messages.

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