Managing email marketing campaigns

There a few different options to manage marketing campaigns from Insightly:

  • Use our MailChimp integration, available on all paid plans, to copy names and email addresses between Insightly and the MailChimp email marketing platform, where you can manage email campaigns.
  • Use the Mass Email feature to send emails to batches of Insightly contacts. You can also use the Email Templates feature to set up standard, personalized email messages. (Trial plans are limited to 100 emails per day.)
  • Export your contacts’ data and use the Insightly-generated CSV file to import into a different email system or mail merge, such as with Word or Outlook.

Here is one suggestion for how to organize your contacts for marketing campaigns:

  1. Select your customer population using custom filters.
  2. Using bulk editing, add a tag with a campaign name for easy access and filtering in the future. The new tag will indicate that the contacts were part of the campaign.
  3. Depending on which of the above methods you choose, you can now send the selected contacts to MailChimp, click the Send Email button, or export them to a CSV file to start sending out your communications.
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