What are email templates?

If you regularly send the same email messages to prospects, customers, employees, vendors, and other business contacts, Insightly’s Email Templates feature can save you time by having standardized and personalized emails ready to go when you need them. Insightly includes a few sample templates to get you started.

You’ll use templates with our Mass Email feature to send email to your Insightly leads or contacts. The number of templates you can set up will depend on your subscription plan; take a look at our pricing page for the limits.

After you begin sending messages, Insightly’s email templates will also display statistics for each template so you can measure their performance. These metrics will help you assess the effectiveness of each template’s content and include:

  • How many emails were sent using this template.
  • How many were successfully delivered.
  • The average open rate, which captures the percentage of recipients who open or view the email message.
  • And, if you include a link in your email, the average click rate.



Email templates page can be categorized. Categories appear in the right sidebar and are separate from the categories you’ve set up for other Insightly records.



Email templates will help you manage your outbound email messaging more effectively. Set some up to try them out!

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