Viewing records in the Insightly Sidebar for Gmail

All Gmail users can now use the Insightly Add-on for Gmail.

There are a few different ways you can view information in the Insightly Sidebar for Gmail. Who doesn't like options?

Hover over a sender's or recipient's name

Click on the Insightly or information icon in the Sidebar, then point your mouse cursor to a sender's or recipient's name in your email list or email message. The Sidebar will display a contact with a matching email address. If a match is not found, the Sidebar will display a Create Contact button.


View items related to a contact

After you've selected a contact to view in the Sidebar, the contact's name will appear in the title of the Sidebar. You can then click on the Sidebar icons to view activities, opportunities, projects, and emails from Insightly that are related to the selected contact.



Search for something

Click the Search icon, select the type of record you would like to find, enter your search term, and then press Enter or click the blue magnifying glass icon. Point your mouse cursor over a result to preview it, or click the item to open the full record in the Sidebar.


Navigating from previews to the details

Rolling your mouse cursor over an item in the Sidebar will display the preview window in the Sidebar (for contacts) or to the left of the Sidebar.

When click the Display inside Sidebar arrow icon , the Sidebar will display the selected record in more detail.


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