Signing in to the Insightly Sidebar

Much of the functionality of the Gmail Gadget that was limited to Google Apps customers is now available to all Gmail users by using the Insightly Sidebar. The Sidebar will eventually replace the Gmail Gadget, so we recommend you install the extension for Chrome browsers.

You'll need to log in to connect the Insightly Sidebar to your Insightly CRM account. Once you're signed in, you won't have to enter your credentials, again. This login process is separate from your Gmail login—you're signing in to your Insightly account in the Sidebar just as if it was a separate window.

If you encounter a problem with the Insightly Sidebar and have other Chrome extensions installed, try disabling other extensions to see if that resolves the problem. For detailed instructions, please see Google's directions to install and manage extensions from Chrome.

To sign in to your Insightly account from the Sidebar:

  1. Click the Settings icon in the Sidebar.

  2. If you have an Insightly for Google Apps account, click the Login with Google Apps link; otherwise, enter your Insightly login email address and password.
  3. Click the Login button.

If you have multiple Gmail accounts, it doesn't matter which Gmail account you're logged into, the Sidebar will be logged in to one Insightly account—the one you log into on the Sidebar, itself.

(If you're using Chrome's user-switching option, this will work as long as you have Chrome extensions synced. See Google's documentation on switching users and syncing.)

If you want to change the Insightly account the Sidebar is connected to, you'll need to select the Settings icon and click the Log Out button before logging in to the new account.

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