Features available on iOS and Android apps

The Insightly Mobile apps helps users record important data while on the go. The mobile apps for iPhone and Android have been designed as companions to Insightly and share many of the same features as the web app.   

All data is stored online rather than on your device, enhancing security as well as decreasing loading times.

Using our web and mobile applications provides a more Insightly uniform experience creating a more cohesive Insightly experience.

  • Installation

  • Home page

  • Settings

  • Objects and records

  • Email

  • Other features


To get access to these features, you will need to install the application through the Google Play store or Apple’s App Store. Updating the app will sign you out of your account and you will need to log back in.

Home page

The mobile app’s Home page can display any Dashboards that have been created in the web app that the user has permission to view. All Dashboards and Dashboard Cards available on the web application of Insightly CRM are accessible with the full fidelity of the desktop experience. These cards are read-only on mobile, however.


Notifications - Set push notifications for task reminders, new assignments, and record updates. Additionally, you can configure the notifications to vibrate or play a sound when received.

Follow - Select which items to automatically follow, which includes records you’ve modified, records assigned to you, and records you’ve assigned to other people.

Call Logging - Set if calls will be automatically logged as completed tasks.

Account - Review your account information: your name, email, instance name, and base URL.

Add your Insightly mailbox email address to your device contacts to forward, CC, or BCC emails to that address.

Additionally, you will be able to:

  1. Download Reference Data Now

  2. Clear Cached Data

  3. Log Out

Objects and records

With Advanced Permissions, users will only see what they need to. Insightly’s Mobile App offers businesses the flexibility to assign different roles within CRM and set restrictions so users only see data that is relevant to them. Administrators can set this up in our web app. Learn more.

Here are some examples of how a user with permissions can interact with records:

  • Create, edit, view, and search records

  • Convert Opportunities to Projects

  • Convert Leads to Opportunities

  • Use default or custom List Views

  • Sort by record fields

  • Push notifications for task reminders and record updates or assignments

  • Add/edit notes, comments, files, and links


View emails saved to Insightly and send emails. When you send an email from your Insightly Mobile app, it will send from the email address you have set up on your phone and not the email you have saved in the CRM.

Other features

Business card scanning - You can use a photo of a business card and Insightly will create a CRM Contact or Lead for you. Learn more.

Record audio notes - The Audio Notes feature lets you add a note to an Insightly record with an attached audio file recorded from your mobile device's microphone. Learn more.

Calendar - View your Insightly calendar for your own events and tasks. Learn more.

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