Beginner's Guide

Insightly's Beginner's Guide is designed for users who are brand new to Insightly CRM.

  1. Introduction to Insightly CRM
    1. What is Insightly CRM?
    2. Insightly plans and services
    3. Creating an account
    4. Building Blocks: Objects, Records, and Fields
    5. Planning your users and data imports

  2. Get Started
    1. First steps for administrators
    2. Customizing Insightly: Page Layouts and Custom Fields
    3. Overview of Advanced Permissions
    4. Importing overview and tips
    5. Importing records with custom fields
    6. Automation options in Insightly
  3. Getting Around
    1. Navigating Insightly
    2. What are Insightly's standard objects?
    3. Viewing Records
    4. Linking Records
    5. How to create a list view
    6. A guide to email in Insightly
  4. Setting your Preferences
    1. System Settings (for administrators)
    2. User Settings
    3. Email Settings
    4. Insightly's Integrations
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