What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is software that allows users to optimize their marketing activities. Like the name suggests, it is used to automate the repetitive tasks in your process. It uses your prospective customer's behavior to determine the best way to nurture them further.

It's about building a meaningful connection with the people that are interested in your business while saving you valuable time.

What can you do with Insightly Marketing Automation?

Connect to Insightly CRM

What makes Insightly Marketing Automation so powerful is that it is directly connected to Insightly CRM. Using both platforms, you can rest assured that any shared data will have complete data integrity and accuracy.

Set off on a Journey


Automate the path your Prospects will take with Journeys. Use the Journey Builder to completely structure your marketing process and move Prospects forward as soon as they take action.

Build your Lists

Organize your Prospects into Lists to target them based on their demographics, behavior, or any other type of criteria you find relevant. You can create recipient and suppression Lists.

There are three List types:

  • Static
  • Dynamic
  • Email test 

Design and send professional Emails


Create templates and send personalized Emails to any Lists you choose. You can send them at a scheduled time or when a Prospect's behavior triggers them.

Next steps

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