What are Finish Actions?

Finish Actions are used to automate updates from Redirect Links, Hosted Files, Form Submissions, and List Emails to other records.

When a Prospect interacts with marketing material you send them, any Finish Actions you’ve setup will immediately make changes to their associated record, instead of forcing users to make updates manually.

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Finish Actions are available to all Insightly Marketing users.

Set Up

When you open a Redirect Link, Hosted File, Form Submission, or List Email record:

  1. Click the Finish Actions tab.

  2. Click Add Finish Action.

  3. Enter a name and fill out the action’s criteria.

  4. Click Save Finish Action.

Types of Actions

Users can select the following Finish Actions, which will vary by object:

  • Send Email

  • Add Tags

  • Remove Tags

  • Adjust Score

  • Convert to Lead

  • Assign Owner

  • Change Field Value

  • Notify User

  • Add to List

  • Remove from List

  • Create CRM Task

  • Fire Webhook

  • Execute Lambda Function

  • Add to List

  • Remove from List

Important Details

  • Finish Actions don’t expire. For example, if a Prospect is cleaning out their inbox two months from now and they open the email and click on links, the finish actions will still fire.

  • Finish actions execute every time the action is taken regardless of how many clicks occur in a given period.

  • After your Email is sent, you can still edit or reorder the Email’s Finish Actions. The actions are not retroactive, so edits will only execute on Prospects who take the action in the future.

  • If you have multiple Finish Actions, they will only execute based on the Prospect's original field values. For example, say a Prospect started with a score of 5 and was updated to 10 as a result of the first action.

    If the section action were to execute for Prospects with a score of 10 or more, it would not execute because it was originally 5.

  • “On click” Finish Actions apply to both HTML and text version hyperlinks of your sent Email.

  • When a Form submission is received, Insightly will check the IP Address and the user. If five or more Form submissions are received in a five minute time period from the same IP Address and user, Insightly will not process the submission and it will be discarded.

    The submitter will receive an HTTP 500 error. This will occur even if the user is blank or null.

    This SPAM check also occurs in Finish Action sequences for Redirect Links, Hosted Files, Form submissions, List Emails, etc.

Use cases

Use Finish Actions to:

  • Add a Prospect to a List after they click a link, are assigned a specific tag, or when the Prospect’s form values are updated.

  • When a Prospect opens or unsubscribes from a List Email, users can configure a series of Finish Actions to fire after that event occurs. If a Prospect were to open the Email, you could configure a Finish Action to send a follow up Email.

  • If a Prospect record is updated to indicate they are in the construction industry, use a Finish Action to raise or lower their Prospect score.

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