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when I try to import an excel file it only give me the contact name, company name and state but omits the rest of address, phone numbers, fax, etc.





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  • Hi Christopher,

    The most common issue I find with importing usually occurs during the mapping process. If we can't detect an auto-match for your field (on the mapping page it shows "No match, you choose..."), if no field is chosen manually, the field will be skipped. 

    It may be easiest, to delete your records uploaded from your recent import file and then try again to import your data. On the right hand side of your Contacts page, you'll see "Recent Imports" and we'll store up to your 4 most recent import uploads. Select the date that matches your file then Select all (if you have more than 50 results make sure to "Select all # records in this list" > then click the Trash can icon to delete those records. 

    For address fields specifically, when importing a full address is required in order for the address fields to save. Double check that Street address, City, State and Postal Code are mapped and that there are values in your import files. For addresses where you don't know the information, enter a filler value like "Blank" or "Unknown". 

    Hope that helps!



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