What is going on with the update?

So it appears that after the last Insightly update that there is no way to add multiple phone numbers or addresses to an account??  If I am correct in thinking this, Wow.  How limiting and non-sensible.  Also, the fact that you now cannot attach a website to a contacts profile is also not good.  Why did these things happen?



  • Youre sorry for the trouble - but are you going to add fields back again? 

    Its good to add features, but dont ever take features away. I will be leaving insightly if additional fields such as second email address are not reinstated ASAP.

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  • Hi Brandt,

    I apologize for the trouble. These changes were made to create a better version of Insightly for the future. This will allow easier customer importing from other data sources, faster reporting and improved contact sync with Google Contacts.

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  • I know there is a workaround, but i dont want to spend my time manually exporting and importing CSV files to do something that the system should have done already - ie retained existing contact data. I understand they are rectifying this, so hopefully it works. 

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  • Hi All,

    I would like to share the news that the tool has been released which will allow you to restore your extra data into Custom Fields with one click of a button. This option is available under System Settings > Contact Information File Export. The new custom fields will be placed in the Details section at the top of contact or organization records.

    The custom field limits on your account will be increased by one for every new field you create, so these changes will not impact your current plan subscription.

    You can learn more and watch the video tutorial here. We also have Release Notes available which addresses all changes.

    Thank you for your patience.
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