Daily email of tasks to Insightly users

Many CRMs that I've evaluated send a daily "task list" email to users of all tasks assigned to them.

I've found this quite useful in other systems, and would find it very useful if Insightly offered this as well.

The tasks in the email are often grouped or sorted by due date, with overdue items at the top, and non-date-assigned at the bottom.

It seemed that this was raised in October 2015, and there was some mention of advanced reporting beta testing to allow for this sort of feature. Are there updates about that beta test, or would this be creating a new pipeline?



  • Advanced reporting has been available for a while now.

    You can easily create this report yourself and set a schedule to email it daily.

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  • Scheduled reports aren't available in the free version BTW.

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  • OK, great. So I set up a report and a daily email, so that's a step forward -- but when the scheduled Advanced Report is emailed to me my options are:

    * Download the report (it's a task list, I want to keep it in Insightly, that's the point);

    * Log in to view the report.

    What I've seen other CRMs (HighRise HQ is an example here) do is include the actual text of the tasks themselves in the body of the email you receive daily as a bulleted list. Sorta like:

    "Tasks for Today, [date]:

    * Set coffee date with [contact]

    * Reply to product suggestion comment thread

    * Eat avocados"

    Does that make sense? How would you suggest going about this?

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  • This would be fantastic! 

    I agree that the advanced reporting feature does not work for this kind of functionality. I've found that when I organise activity sets for particular leads or contacts, it is easy for employees to not do the follow up tasks as they do not get the reminders. It would be great if you could schedule out these emails of a task list (all tasks in one email) to employees so that this would serve as a prompt when they start work in the morning. 

    I was going to suggest this idea myself, but glad to see it is already out here :)

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  • I love this idea as well.  Google does it every morning with my calendar appointments and a task list from Insightly would be very helpful.

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