Changing end dates in an activity or project

Hi I would like to know if it is possible to change the end date of an existing activity set in a project or the end date of the project itself
For example, i created a project that had an activity set with the end date as 6 June (this being when the project is to be completed) and all tasks were related to the end date. By 17 May I have completed 2 out of 7 tasks when the project end date gets changed to 18 June, Is there some way i can amend the existing activity set to now have an end date of 18 June and it will update the remaining 5 tasks with new due dates or do I have to create a whole new activity set with the new date and delete the old one?

I was told that you could change the end date but I;m not sure if i am doing things correctly as i don't have an option in the edit screen to change any dates. I'll explain to you what I am trying to accomplish and what i am doing and you can tell me if i need to do something else. 
I am creating a project called "training day 15 June" When i create it i don't create a pipeline as i don't think its necessary. I basically name it and link it to an organisation. 
then in the tasks tab actions i add an activity set. Basically i have a list of tasks that need to be done before the training day which is 15June and so I have this as the end date (ie task 1 -send confirmation email,  task 2 – book room, task 3 – create booklets, task 4 send support posters, task 5, send booklets. )each of these tasks have to be done at differing times prior to the end date which is the day of training 15 June. I put my activity end date as the day of the training 15June and leave the activity start date as the day i create the activity set. the tasks in this activity set all then update their due date according to the 15june end date entered for that activity set. I then want to change the date of the training to be 10 July and want to change the end date of the project to be 10 July and i can't see where in the edit section i change the end date to 10 July so that the tasks in the activity set automatically update. if i edit the project there is nowhere to change an end date and i can't edit an activity set that has been added to the project. Does this make sense, can you please let me know how I can do this 



  • Hi K,

    This is a great question!

    If the activity set was added to the project record via a pipeline, you will be able to adjust the activity set end date by editing the project and clicking on the Activity Set End Date field.  Unfortunately, this will not adjust the due dates of the related tasks.  Those records are only attached to the activity set up until they are created, at which point they exist as individual records.  In order to update the task due dates, you'll need to manually update them individually.

    This does sound like a fantastic idea, though!  If you'd like to see Insightly add that as a future feature, I'd recommend sharing your idea with the rest of our Community on our Ideas & Suggestions page.  Our Product and Engineering teams monitor all posts made to that page, and other members of our Community will be able to comment and vote on your suggestion as well! :)

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  • same issue here. cannot change the end date to an activity set task. am actually trying to delete the end date to no due date

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  • Hello Ed,

    If you are using the New Insightly Experience you can follow these steps to remove the "Due Date":

    1. Go to System Settings
    2. Activity Sets 
    3. Select "Edit" next to the Activity Set you like to adjust
    4. Select the "Pencil" icon to Edit 
    5. Select "Remove Due Date"

    See screenshot below for clarification:

    Hope that helps!

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  • I have an activity set that I created and they just moved the due date.  I am not using a pipeline.  Will I need to delete all the activities and then re-assign the activity set?  

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  • Hello Krista,

    Yes, you'll need to delete all the activities and then re-assign the activity sets. There's currently not a workaround for this. 

    Hope that helps!

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