Importing contacts from LinkedIn

How do I get my contacts from Linked Inn into Insightly?



  • Hi Michael,

    At this point in time we don't have an automated way to bring your LinkedIn data into your Insightly account.  If you'd like to see us build that feature into Insightly, there's a related request in our Ideas & Suggestions page which you can add your vote to.  Generally speaking, the more votes a topic has the more likely it is to be included as a feature in Insightly.  

    In the meantime, LinkedIn does allow users to export their connections to a CSV file, which you could use to import that data into Insightly.

  • I have tried multiple times to import contacts using a LinkedIn CSV file, without altering it before importing. Once imported, all the data is showing up as one single entry - please help out, I have read the articles on importing and I can't seem to find out where the problem is.

  • A very useful and important feature ... I am looking at moving away from Insightly because it's contact management is becoming just one more data set to keep up to date.  This feature would increase my commitment to the platform substantially.  

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