Upcoming improvements to email templates and workflow automation

3/3/17 UPDATE: These improvements are now live. Thanks!

We’re in the process of making some improvements to email templates. Soon, you’ll be able to have separate email templates for leads and for contacts, making your templates even more effective.

And with this update, workflow automation email alerts will become even more powerful.

If you have existing email templates, we’ll categorize each one based on who it’s been sent to in the past: if it’s only been sent to contacts, it will become a contact email template, and if only to leads, it will become a lead email template. And if you have templates that have been sent to both contacts and leads, we’ll make a copy of the template so that you use it with both record types.

You can ensure that an existing template gets categorized as a contact template by adding a contact custom field to it. Similarly, you can add a lead custom field to any template you’d like to be a lead template.

And if you’re worried about your email template limits, not to worry: if we copy templates for you, your template limit will be increased, so that these duplicates won’t be counted towards your template total.

With these email template updates, you can rest assured that the right message is going to the right person, depending on where they are in your sales cycle.



  • Hi Brenda! :-)

    Just a heads up, since you guys did this update today, a signature no longer attaches to any email sent with a template. If I click on "send email" my signature is there, but once I click and choose a template, my signature disappears and doesn't attach at all. This was never an issue until the update today. Can this be fixed ASAP, please and thank you! :D

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  • Hi Laila:

    Thanks for the heads up, we also see your ticket! Looking into this right now and will get back to you as soon as we have more information for you.

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  • This has been resolved Laila but please let us know if you see otherwise! Thank you so much for your patience :)


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  • Templates are not working for opportunities or projects. I have created may templates and it appears that all for oppotunites and projects do not work. please advise how to fix this

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  • Hello Amanda,

    Please refer to my previous comment to your post for clarification on this and further support.

    Here's the link


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