Set Width of columns in List Views


I'd like to be able to set the width of the columns in my List Views. This would help with quick reviews of the my lists.

Thanks, Vince




  • Trying to "vote" for this but can't figure it out. Don't have an hour to figure it out. I'm betting a lot of people are like me. :)


  • Hi William - all you have to do is click on the heart icon. 

  • I agree, this is completely frustrating. In my view, this is a bug that should be fixed. This is not an additional feature. My vote is to fix this asap. 

  • I upvoted on the original post. But just to make sure... Manually adjust column widths should be "remembered" so that the next time you view the list, you don't have to manually adjust the columns again. 

  • Agree - it is very frustrating to have to adjust the width every time I click on a new view. 

  • Can't believe this has been an ongoing issue for 4 months!  I just switched to the new user experience yesterday, and I'm already completely annoyed by having to resize every time a select "contacts, organizations, leads, opportunities, or projects."  And honestly i don't understand why this issue has to be "voted on."  Maintaining columns in a list at a size that has been selected for a view/report that is being saved is a BEST PRACTICE - not a "would be nice to have" issue for users.  This should have been done right the first time.

  • yes, this feature is badly needed and due long time ago! 

  • Due to the lack of ability to "Set Width of columns in List Views" we wish to switch back to Insightly Classic. How do we do this? If there was a realistic and reasonable projected date that this bug would be fixed then we may consider enduring the pain for a bit longer but as it is now Insghtly has become a productivity drain and even worse, is bad for morale. We have gone from loving our CRM to contemplating a divorce.

  • Hi Keith,

    This fix is currently being worked on by our team and is on our runway. While we do not have an exact date, it is in the process of being resolved. 

  • Yes, custom list views are not a time-saver if you have to adjust them everytime in order to view the information!

  • Hi,

    totally agree with all the previous. seems like a default option for most programs now

  • Another in a long line of people frustrated with the way Insightly displays lists, specifically in the Project Activity page.  What's especially frustrating to me is that so much of the display is taken up with the "Assigned to" field; now since I am a solo practitioner, that is the LAST field I need.  

  • I find the 'cute' little heart used for upvoting an issue infuriating and ridiculous. Insightly's customer service has a lot of marks against it. Basic features like this column width issue and PRINTING (seriously?) are 'upvoted' by so many users, and yet nothing seems to be done. When a team member finally does chime in, the answer is 'we are currently not planning to address this issue'. Thanks. Helpful...  

    There are a lot of things I like about Insightly. But I'm disinclined to refer colleagues to the software for the sheer frustration association with getting a straight answer or a timely upgrade to logical technical difficulties. 

  • Hi Jennifer,

    I understand your frustration. We take feedback seriously as it has driven many of the changes and improvements to our products over the years. We believe it's a vital part of making Insightly better. Just this year alone, we delivered on Dashboards, new Admin layout, added new custom field types, and page layouts. Your votes do matter.

    But just like any startup company, Our Product and Engineering teams look at all the ideas and suggestions based on alignment with our product strategy and roadmap, the number of customers to benefit, and cost and time to develop it. We simply can't get to everything.

    Currently, our team is focused on delivering custom objects for our next quarterly release. With that release, however, we are hoping to include getting this issue resolved. I will also see if we can push to get the print function added. We will update everyone in here once we know more. As always, we appreciate your feedback and votes!

  • Dennis B. - just reading what you're saying: this feature is on the roadmap to be implemented next quarter with the Custom Objects update? So we can expect an update by October?

  • That's correct, Mike. This is on the roadmap to be implemented in our next quarter release! Since things subject to change, I can't confirm that our next release will be in October. What I can confirm is that this is on top of our mind and want to deliver this to all our customers as soon as we can. I'll give everyone an update when we're closer to the finish line. We appreciate everyone's patience! Stay tuned.

  • +1

  • My goodness, can't wait for this 'update' to release.

    I find it very interesting that this wasn't implemented on the first iteration of this type of column view. Resizing each column every time I enter a specific query, list, opportunity, etc. is pretty crazy.

    Honestly I have around 8 tabs of Insightly open every day because of this error, bug, whatever you would like to call it. I resize the columns, drag certain items to where I need them and never hit refresh.

  • We can't wait as well! We're as excited as you are! :)

  • I am glad that the new update has come out.  However, is anyone else able to get this to work with your custom list views?  If I select one of the general views, it works fine.  Once I switch to my custom view, I can only adjust one column now and it resets anyways when I go back to it from another page. 



  • It is working well for me, it does reset if I add or remove a column, but not when I navigate to another page and back.

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