Billing address became shipping addresses? :(

I too am very upset with your March 2017 data migration. After reviewing gaps in in recent data export, I see that my addresses were migrated to the shipping address fields.

Some addresses are no longer in the city / state / zip fields, they are now all lumped in street.

Can I repopulate billing addresses from the shipping addresses you created?

What about addresses that were moved to Notes? Your post migration tools seem to ignore the addresses issue.

Like many of your users I've invested a ton of time in maintaining my records, but now everything is so screwed up I cannot get a good export.. 

To say I'm unhappy would be an understatement. 



  • Hi Rich,

    Prior to the 3/25/2017 update, Billing type address fields had not been implemented in organization records.  Instead, you had five types which were merged into the following fields:

    Postal and Other address were merged into Billing

    Primary, Work and Home addresses were merged into Shipping

    The first value in each of the groups was saved into the new field, while all other addresses were moved to the "Additional Organization Information" note.  For more information, please see the article on the subject: FAQs for Insightly Field changes (March 25, 2017)

    Unfortunately, the tool does not bring over address fields, so in order to process those changes you will need to export the values of the Notes (System Settings > Contact Information File Export), create custom fields to hold the address data, then use our bulk updating with imports feature to finish the update.

    We currently make updates to existing records based on Record ID number. With that in mind, to update your records, we recommend:

    1. First, Export the records you'd like to update
    2. Edit the file to change the records using the information from the Note exports.
    3. Import the file and choose the "update records" option

    You can use the same process to move the addresses listed in Shipping Address fields to your Billing Address fields as well.

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  • Thank You Dan, I was afraid that would be the answer. Already resigned myself to having to hours manually editing the spreadsheets to make the bulk updates.

    Am I also correct that Leads, when converted, also populate the Org Shipping Address?


    Frankly this focus on Shipping Address being the assumed primary address seems to be a bad assumption. It may be needed for those business that have shipping needs, but ALL of us also have to bill clients... we all need mailing addresses. IMHO Mailing address should have been the primary.

    Insightly does so many things right, which why I am so disappointed ... Your March 2017 update was a disaster and really is causing your client base a lot of pain. And it's not just addresses.

    Losing multiple email address fields then banishing them to a note makes them not very useful. The post update migration tools that lets me bring them back as a custom field is useless, if the remainder of your tools don't recognize these a legit emails. Now I have duplicate contacts for everyone who has multiple addresses, especially when created by cc'ing or forwarding emails to my Insightly Email Mailbox, which means my things like saved emails are now a fragmented view across contacts. So much for CRM 360 degree views. 

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  • I am in the same boat, spending hundreds of hours combing through my database to clean it up after that March 25-29th disaster. 

    I'm right now trying to figure out who still works there. Nora. Sam. Dan. Who else is there? What is your view of the future? Are mature small businesses who have clients to support (much more than leads to follow-up on) in your wheelhouse anymore? Do the developers consider that we might know our database needs better than they do? I have still never heard any kind of post-mortem story about how that March 25th upgrade happened. What did you learn? Did heads roll? Did your processes change after that?

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  • Great post Wendy.  I anxiously anticipate answers to these questions.

    I've suffered from the same March 2017 update: HERE




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  • Hi Wendy and Nathan:

    I see that Wendy posted here and received a reply from one of our Directors.

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  • Is it too much to ask to have a button that allows us to copy from Billing to Shipping and/or Shipping to Billing?

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  • Hello David, 

    If you like to see this feature implemented within Insightly you can always post a request to our Ideas & Suggestions page, which is monitored by our Product and Engineering teams. Your fellow Insightly users can vote and comment on the idea, too. In general, the more activity a request receives, the more likely it is to be considered for implementation.

    Please know that we love using ideas submitted by our customers to improve Insightly.

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