Notes and files within a projest




Very often I cannot share a project to other persons - e.g. attached files can be confidential

But I need to share information with other person

There are notes within a project BUT when a project is provateAND I add a note visible to PERSON A this person do not see it.

IMHO it is a bug beacause I can chose who can see a note so

If it is not a bug please change Insightly



The same refears to files - it would be great to make some of them visible WITHIN a private project


If it is impossible how to solve these issues?



  • Hi Sebastian,

    If you are on the Professional or Enterprise plan, you can use Advanced Permissions and create an organizational hierarchy of rules to increase privacy automatically on different record types. 

    As for the files, there is no way at this time to increase permissions unless you migrate to a native 3rd party storage integration such as google drive, dropbox, onedrive and/or box. There you can set additional permissions on your files. 

    Thank you,


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  • Don't worry about this. Once you switch to the new Insightly experience it's going to take your users 5 hours just to find and read through the notes and files away!!!! 

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