Do POST on the web service endpoints trigger Workflow Automation processes

Trying to create a project from the 2.1 API through a POST call and have a workflow set up in insightly looking for the correct criteria and set to change many of the fields on the project as actions when triggered, but for whatever reason the workflow is never triggered through API calls. Confirmed exact same data when submitted through the UI does trigger the workflow properly so is an issue with the API call. Trying to update the pipeline id, category id after it's created. 



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    Hi Chris,

    Just like creating a project through the web app, creating a project via API, triggers workflows.
    Please double check the data differences between web and API requests to create the project and also workflow conditions.

    If you still think, the workflow is not triggered, get back to us with more detail.

    Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.


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    You are correct. I appears the workflows are not being triggered consistently for both the UI and API. We have a workflow triggered by Project create and first matching edit with Criteria looking for: Project Name Contains Rocket Yield Implementation. And on matching that logic, sets the project category to "Rocket Yield". The attached screenshots shows the results with the two successful workflow triggers, one through the API and one through the UI, both listed with the blue "Rocket Yield" label,  and then four failures, two through the API and two through the UI. I've also attached our workflow configuration, criteria and actions. Nothing different, all me either executing through Zapier and the API using my user API key, or me creating new projects directly in the UI. 




    We have no other workflows triggering against projects. We have two other criteria on project actions but both are on later stages of a pipeline and the Project Name is set first. 

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