Weather Insight Card - Celsius for (non-US) English Speakers

Hi there, 

I'd like to request that you include an option for Celsius in the Weather Insight Card as soon as possible please.

In the support file it mentions that the temperature will be shown in Fahrenheit or Celsius based on the user language settings, but I live in Australia where although we speak English, we use Celsius. In the preferred language options I can only choose 'English' but I am being shown Fahrenheit, even though my country is also set to Australia, so I'm guessing what you mean by English is actually US English not UK/AUS English. So could you please either include a toggle on the actual card (which personally I would find useful as I do often have phone/skype calls with US clients and it is good to be able to converse in their preferred metric) - or add the additional english language settings so it displays in a metric that is meaningful to me.

The other thing I find frustrating is that I cannot remove this insight card on it's own. In the support doc it mentions that the only way to remove these cards is to remove the actually very important address information in the contact or organisation's record itself - which I don't want to do as that is incredibly valuable client information.

So hopefully this has just been an oversight when rolling to the new system and it will be easily rectified.

Kind regards,




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    The Weather and Time Insight cards will display the local time and weather of your contacts and organizations based on their address. The Weather Insight card will display either Fahrenheit or Celsius based on the country that is selected in your User Settings.

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  • Same goes for English speakers in Canada.

    Selecting C or F should be an option. What if a German speaker does business primarily in the US, may prefer F.

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  • Here's a vote to remove the large orange weather and clock information sitting ugly and useless in my valuable screen space. Now that I can rearrange my contact info to be more useful, I'd love to put something on the right side that I actually want. A block of linked contacts would be my first preference. Maybe two columns of contact data instead of making me scroll while white space sits there mocking me.

    There is ZERO moments when I care what the time and weather is for my clients. Not sure where you got the idea that we needed our CRM to push a bright ugly orange graphic at us all day every day. 

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  • Can I make an obvious suggestion as well? How about to allow us the ability to add our own Insightly cards into the contacts records? Weather and clock is useless if Insightly is being used for a local sales team in a single geo location. But since we can create Cards to be used in dashboards, how about we can add those to the records directly? I would love to be able to see the total revenue we've made from a single contact or company when looking at the record directly, much better than weather don't you think?

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  • Remove the weather inside card.  It is Useless

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