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Task Reminders Match Due Date

Before the upgrade, task reminders would default to the due date of the task. In the UI rollout, that functionality changed....sadly. 

The reminder date SHOULD match the due date. If someone wants another reminder date then they would have to manually change it anyway. Right now, the reminder defaults to today regardless of the due date--which is useless. So the current workflow for all users is they have to change the reminder date instead of JUST those who want to customize the reminder. 

Again, what used to make sense has now gone backwards and is more work/clicks for everyone. 



  • I've noticed the same problem. Would be great to have this fixed!

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  • Hey guys,

    Thank you for the feedback on this. While this was removed as a feature in place of an open calendar, we understand the benefits of both. Feedback like this is what lets our product team know what does and doesn't work with the New Insightly Experience!

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  • Has there been any movement on this? Having to set a reminder is an extra step. Extra steps are what every user tries to avoid. The reminder date should automatically default to the date due and the pre-determine time slot the user picked.

    On another note, in my settings I dont check off the box, "set reminders on tasks with due dates" box. As I'm sure with many of your users, for most of my tasks I dont set a reminder. For the task that are "very important" I'll set a reminder. For those tasks that can slip a day I dont set the reminder and when I get a chance to look at my outstanding tasks I'll get to it. My point is it would be extremely helpful if it also went backwards too. Meaning, without the user setting box being checked; for "very important" task I would be able to go directly to the reminder field, click on the reminder date and the same date due would populate - saving double entry. For the "not as important tasks" I can just click on the date due and no reminder would be set.

    Task are critical and I hope these options are considered.

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