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Hi All,


Despite using my username and password to try login the i cant. The forgot password function doesn't send an email which suggest the site doesn't recognise my email. I've used the free version of Insightly for years and not changed my email.

I've followed the guide and logged in to my Gmail to try and manage the domain but the Insightly app is not shown within the Marketplace.

I can't find anyway of speaking to anyone technical. Any help would be greatly appreciated



Nick (UK)



  • Hi Nick,


    Thank you for reaching out to us!


    I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble logging into your Insightly for G Suite account.


    There are two ways to log in to your Insightly for G Suite account so it might be helpful to try a different method:


    1) From G Suite, click on the Apps icon (a small 9-box grid in the upper right). When the apps window appears, scroll down to the very bottom of that window or click on the "More" item. The Insightly app will appear there. This is the recommended method. If you have a new Insightly account, the Insightly icon may take up to 24 hours to appear in the list.


    2) You can log into Insightly directly by going to and then clicking "Sign in with Google G Suite." On the next screen, select the correct Google account to log in with.


    It's possible that the password reset email may be getting blocked, filtered, or categorized as spam. Here are a few things you can try to allow the email into your inbox:


    1) Check your spam folder. If the message is there, you can usually mark it as "not spam," which will help new messages to get to your inbox.


    2) Add Insightly to your contacts list, as most email programs will allow messages from your contacts to pass through any filters. This is usually the best fix. For most email types, add "Insightly Notifications" as the contact with the email address of For Business Card Scans, add "Insightly Business Cards" as the contact with the e-mail address of


    3) Add our domain names ( and to your approved senders list (whitelist). This process varies with individual email programs, but if you use Gmail, here's a link to the instructions for managing senders lists.


    I hope this helps!

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  • Hey JP

    Thanks for this but none of the above works. I've followed the 'forgot password' function but not received any emails on the renew process.

    I really need to speak to someone unless you can access my account remotely send me a new password remaindered link

    My number is +44 07734 683270





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  • Anything, from anybody at Insightly would be most helpful...

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