Using Activity Sets within a Pipeline

Based on these facts:

  • An Activity Set can contain Tasks or Events.
  • A Pipeline can contain multiple Activity Sets.
  • A Pipeline can be assigned to Opportunities, Projects or both.

I set up a Sales Pipeline that contains 5 separate Activity Sets.  In each of the Activity Sets, there are tasks that have to be completed before the next Activity Set can begin.

I then assign this pipeline to an Opportunity - and Insightly creates a set of tasks.  

I always know exactly where I am with each client throughout the sales process.



  • Thanks, Trish! We love seeing how you've set up activity sets and applied them to your sales pipeline to meet your needs.

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  • Hi Trish. I'm so sorry - something went wrong when rendering your image and it resulted in it being replaced with a extremely long chunk of encoded text that was completely unreadable! We were alerted to this and removed it. I just wanted to let you know. Please feel free to replace the image. Thanks!

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  • Trish,

    Have you found a way to assign multiple activity sets to a single pipeline stage? 

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