Tips for managing promotional mailings (physical mailings)

One of the things our business does is send out postcards or other physical advertising material to our customers. The thing is you may not want to send the promotional material to everyone in your contact list. To get by this, we created a custom field titled "Mailing List", which has a drop-down menu with two options:

  1. Mail marketing materials
  2. Do not mail

This way, after the contact data is exported to a spreadsheet, I can simply delete all of the "Do not mails". Then my mailing list is one-step closer to being ready!

If you decide to use this tip, remember the power of Insightly's "Bulk Edit". This could expedite your implementation.



  • Thanks for the tip, Joshua!

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  • Congratulations, Joshua!

    Our Customer Success team loved your tip and you're one of the winners in our Insightly gift pack giveaway! We thought your tip was very useful and applicable to almost everyone. Plus, it was a new approach to solving a problem that couldn't be found in our FAQ pages. Great job on this. We'll be contacting you through email to find out where to send your prize. Thanks!

    To add to Joshua's tip, if you'd like to check out the power of Bulk Edit, take a look at our article and Insightly University video on Bulk Editing.

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  • Thanks Joshua. I was wondering the same thing.

    Option B:

    My work around has been to use tags. This also allows me to separate by particular "campaign" - I do is click on the tab label and it loads everyone for that mailing. 

    I can also create a filter if I want to narrow the mailing by further data - such as contacts in "New York" only or just USA contacts so I don't waste labels or time sorting out people.

    Because I have clients in different Genre's of work it allows me to target my list a bit more based on data already entered. 

    I love tags. 

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  • Sean,

    Thank you for your advice on using tags. I haven't made use of these as of yet, but I can definitely see the value given your example. I'll give this a crack soon :).

    Have a great day!


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  • I am trying to set-up our contacts for a mailing list utilizing these tips. However, every time I export a filtered list I'm still receiving the entire contact list. How do you get an export of just the filtered contacts?

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  • Hi Tara:

    Once you've segmented the Contacts with your filter you will want to click the check box at the top left followed by the link at the top of your results:

    Then you click the More button which appears above the list, where you can export this subset :)

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