Filtering by geography

There are similar posts, but not 100% matching my need, so let me post the following:

I would like to be able to filter contacts or organisations based on geographic criteria.

There could be a few reasons for that:

  • Visiting prospects in a radius of 100 km around Geneva, Switzerland (this would take you into France and possibly Italy).
  • Organizing events which cater to clients & prospects in a given geography.

The filtering should be possible by:

  1. Selecting an address and a radius (do not forget the rest of the world on the metric system) around that address. Apply to persons or organizations.
  2. Indicating the first alpha-numeric characters of a postal code.
  3. Plus of course the existing criteria like city or country.


  • 100% agree with this addition. I would use it today if it was available. Without it, targeting/filtering by location is pretty much imposable.

    Plus One for me.

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  • Agreed!

    1) This would empower the outside sales team member who sets their daily/weekly client visit list on a "how far can I drive and make it home on time system' for maximum productivity.

    2) It would empower the Sales Manager by allowing that team member to filter and assign an accurate subdivision of contacts and organizations by geographical boundaries - a critical necessity to set a sales team up for success, because it makes it possible to follow ALL of the SMART goals ('Where' is crucial, and it's kind of missing right now).

    3) The same filter process would empower Corporate, because it would give Sales Management a tool to create and contribute accurate and complete reporting (sales, BD, and marketing data) to Corporate for overall business projections and planning.

    4) Those three successes collectively empower the owners/shareholders, because the results translate into increased productivity, reduced waste, more realistic and accurate projections, and better historical data - that's called better margins AND more profit!

    That's a Grand Slam - it's got my vote! Keep up the good work!

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  • I fully support this! Please add at least ability to filter contacts via Street. It is impossible now.

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  • Any updates on this option?


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