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Integrate with Google Maps

Display customers in maps, and allow the program to suggest quickest route to all customers.

Also, the ability to add a business through google maps to be quickly imported to insightly organizations.



  • Thank you for that response, its nice to get a detailed explanation. I too really would like this feature. This would be both on the mobile and desktop sides correct?


  • I've been looking for this feature for years now. Add one more person who's imported data into and couldn't really use it because it lacked mapping which is critical to our business flow.

    BTW, Google Fusion tables are awesome for mapping.

    I just need full integration.  I don't have time to train all my users to do all the manipulation.  They want mapping to "just work". But you know users.  They think computers are magic.

  • I'd also like to add my vote on this. Whilst insightly are looking to code up this mapping feature are the software engineers going to cater for organisations which have more than one address? Ie a business address, multiple other addresses and/or postal addresses?

    I've used batchgeo in the past however I can only import one address per organisation. Many of our customers have multiple locations and I'd rather not have multiple entries in Insightly for the same company/group as you can loose site of the overall picture if its fragmented this way.

    Being able to map each address per organisation would be great with perhaps an option to include/exlude combinations of business, other and postal addresses as I'm sure everyone uses Insightly in a ways which fit their particular business/sales model.

  • Hi Neville:

    The feedback in our Community is used to help with the development of new features. Thank you for showing your support for this!

    Regarding multiple addresses for an Organization, Organization records in Insightly can have multiple addresses (see photo below) and you can import these addresses in by mapping the fields the during import process. 

  • Geocoding has allowed mapping from a postcode for years.  I don't understand the "tough problem" you are trying to solve.

  • A couple of the folks in our office have been fooling around with Badger Mapping software.  They are telling me that this is exactly what they would like to see tied in to Insightly.  In fact, they have spoken with Badger customer service on several occasions.  Badger says they can integrate with any CRM software.  Why re-invent the wheel?  Create a link to Badger and integrate with it.

  • Thanks for bringing this to our attention, you can use The Badger Map to do exactly this. Badger can integrate with Insightly so that you can see all your data from Insightly on a Google Map. You can see where customers are in relation to one another, colorize and filter the customers on the map based on their attributes, and build and optimize routes and schedules to plan your day faster. Badger works on the computer, and has native apps on the iphone, ipad, and android for when sales people are mobile.

    Badger and Insightly can connect with their APIs, or you can can download the customer information and addresses from Insightly into a spreadsheet and upload that spreadsheet into Badger. The API is the better way, because then reps can update the data in Insightly right from the Badger interface on their mobile device. When Reps use Badger, they get more meetings with more customers and drive less. They also get way more out of Insightly, because they are able to collect data on a mapping interface when they are mobile and also use data from Insightly on a map.

  • In speaking with Badger maps, it sounds like the cost for an Insightly/Badger integration is around $25,000.

    I question whether this is something that Insightly would in part cover, perhaps with the other portion crowd-sourced to other Insightly users who wish to have mapping capabilities without having to go thru manual process of data-dumps.

    Any response/interest from Insightly Corporate of from the user-base, let's please use this string to qualify the feasibility of this possible solution.



  • The Insightly team has been working on integrating mapping into our apps. Geocoding (getting a latitude/longitude for an address) by itself isn't a tough problem to solve... until you consider cost and performance.  As others have found out, direct mapping and geocoding integration can be expensive because the map providers aren't giving it away for free.  Google has begun offering Geocoding, and we are working to integrate their services.  However, even with Google, there are cost and performance considerations that we are working to address and overcome.  Geocoding a single address is "easy!"  Geocoding thousands of addresses quickly isn't so easy.

  • It is a shame about the performance issues that this generates, It would be brilliant to be able to see all the retailers we work with in London mapped out via insightly.

  • I agree, this would be invaluable, please implement!

    I must also say that another low end crm already does this.


  • Any updates on this request? It would be extremely helpful for our business. We understand that it's costly in manpower, time and money but there hasn't been any update for quite a long time.

    Kind regards.

  • Hi, I'm with the Badger team, we are planning on doing the integration with insightly and covering the costs from our side. The goal as of right now is to get it done by the end of Q1 2017. I'll keep folks posted here. 

  • I would also like to add that all our sales people keep asking for this feature.

    We have tried several others software where we have to export/import but it's not something intuitive and dynamic for the sale's team.

    Thank you for keeping pushing and working for this feature! 

  • I'm just wondering if this is still in the works?

  • Also wondering if this is something we can expect soon!

  • Can I just say that while this isn't exactly google maps integration. There is a great way to visualise data in powerBI this way. Highly recommend it. I had never used the tool before and it took me about 20 mins to build a report with PowerBI visualisations.

  • This would be a game changer. I'd love to see it implemented soon!

  • Great idea! This can certainly be useful. 

  • Awesome!

  • Having this on the mobile and desktop apps would definitely turn me into an active user.  Right now I'm working with a kind of kludge, but the mapping works great.  I would love to have the ability to manage all my volunteers in a real CRM like Insightly.  When a volunteer opportunity comes up in a particular city or even a zip code, I'd then be able to bring up a map of all the volunteers near that opportunity.  Hovering over the pin would bring up the volunteer's contact information.  

    I imagine lots of businesses would be able to use this same functionality to create a map to visit sales prospects and a miriad of other use cases.

  • Has anyone heard anything new on this? I am fairly new to Insightly but used Salesforce at my old company and I am really missing the mapping feature.

  • Really would be nice to have some sort of timeline.  

  • This post started in May of 2015 and it appears that we are no closer to having mapping then we where then??? Insightly needs to either state a date that this will be released or just say that they cant do it and let us move on. My prepaid year is up in July and if there isn't  set date or better yet the actual mapping in place I will be switching to another platform.

  • Still waiting... 3 years later.

  • Waiting here as well!

  • I am currently use reports to export/import contacts to Google routes. I have found this to be a quick way to organize my sales calls.

  • So @insightly - Will you please give us a status on this mapping feature?

    It is highly wanted!

  • Yes. I agree.  I'm still waiting to implement Insightly for want of this one feature.  It is the sole deal breaker for me. I run an organization that requires coordination of volunteers geographically. This feature would be perfect.

    Maybe if everyone who subscribed to this issue piped up and reiterated their interest it would jump higher on Insightly's priority list.  The squeaky wheel prioritization method: resistence is futile.

  • Need Mapping function for Organizations, contacts.  Single button on the contacts and Organization page for a single location.

    For a larger area, a Report driven MAP where a user can specify all the contacts within a given Zip code range makes the most sense for me.  

    Having all the customers on a map is useless as it is too much data for me to handle.  I have close to 14,000 contacts in a relatively small area and it would be difficult to read that map!

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