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Integrate with Google Maps

Display customers in maps, and allow the program to suggest quickest route to all customers.

Also, the ability to add a business through google maps to be quickly imported to insightly organizations.



  • Hi!

    I also agree that a map feature would be very appreciated to see the customer locations on Google maps. Also to be able to segment the customers with different colors. 

    Which is the best free map tool to use for making maps with customer locations on?

    We have over 1000 customer/supplier locations to put in a map.

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  • You can put your 1000 customers on the Badger Map right now and segment with different customers by attribute (youtube video of what that looks like here:

    Free trial here:

    The plan is to integrate with Insightly so the activities from the field in Badger are sent back to Insightly automatically. 

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  • Add to that, ability to "Quick Add" customer addresses,phone numbers and website based on a Google search.

    When typing any business name into google maps, the right details come up in most cases, yet they need to be tediously, manually added when creating an organization in Insightly. It would have much time if there was some sort of predictive search that would pre-populate details from public information. It picks up social media accounts, but doesn't actually pull through the data itself.

    That's an enhancement I feel would add value.


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  • Hey guys,

    These are great suggestions, I can definitely see the benefit for them. Keep them coming so Insightly knows what features to look at.
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  • What is the status of this feature being implemented?

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  • What's happening with this feature?  Please respond, thanks!

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  • Since Insightly is not reacting anymore, we decided to create our own map in Google maps, by exporting and importing the data.  

    It is not a very tough job, but it takes some time and intelligence. 

    If you are interested but don't have the time/knowledge to do this, we would love to help out. You can send a message to

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  • Dear Insightly,

    I have been requesting the ability to see customers in a google map for years.

    Suggestively Insightly, if  Witold Rosendaal (who has been contributing in this column) has found a way to resolve this challenge, why not contact him?


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  • If you want to download the data from Insightly and upload it to a Map, (the strategy that Withold is recommending above), you can use the Badger Map. Its built for field sales people to put their customers on a map for routing, visualization, territory planning, etc. Badger is also building a connector to Insightly, so you won't need to download the data in the future, you'll just be able to connect the programs so that any changes made on either will instantly show up on the other. This integration is scheduled be completed in the first half of 2019. More info here: 

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  • Map search will be very useful for my work as well, we call leads and its pretty difficult to work geographical areas with out a map search.

    Any idea when this will be launched. Seems this thread is over 2 year in the running.

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  • You can also export information from Insightly into a CSV and import it right into your custom maps on Google. Then you can batch edit them or singularly edit them. 


    You'll have to reimport anytime you want updated data, but it's a workaround that requires no additional programs.

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  • This is a big need. I would like to be able to view a world map with all my contacts pinned, and then be able to zoom into what ever resolution I need, whether it be by country, state, city, whatever. And be able to click on any of the pins to get detailed information about that customer.

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    I have already implemented this for my clients:

    1. Create a report with your lead, contact, project, opportunity, custom object, or organization address data (include statistical linked opportunity data with organizations or lead rating data with leads, if needed - see more information under "TIPS")

    2. Export report to Excel (it's the grey button on the top left of the report just above the column headers and gives you a direct download NOT an email with a link)

    3. Import the Excel file to your Google My Maps

    4. Map your fields

    5. Style your data by giving them labels such as Contact Name, if you're importing Contact records for example.


    1. If you're importing more than one record type like Organizations and Leads, then give each "item" a different color.

    2. If you're using statistical linked opportunity data with organizations or have another metric to judge the record type by such as a Lead's Lead Rating value, then style the layer using the "Group Places By: Style by Data Column" option, select your value, and use a range to give the placemarks different shades of color for easy identification.

    i.e. Organization's with Linked Opportunities Total Value of +$10k light green, +$50K green, +$100k dark green.

    3. You can also create a FREE 2-step Zapier integration to update the record when it's created with an Insightly URL, so the URL to the Insightly record shows up on the report for importing into Google My maps. Then when you're in Google My Maps, you can select the link (it will be hyperlinked automatically) and will bring you directly to the Insightly record!


    If you want to implement the Zapier integration, perform the following steps (using the lead record for our example):

    1. Create a custom URL field called, "Insightly Record URL" 

    2. Create a Zapier Trigger Step "New Lead"

    3. Create a Zapier Action Step "Update Lead"

    4. Use the "search by custom value" to search for the lead you want to update and input the New Lead's Record ID

    5. Input this link into the Insightly Record URL custom field:

    Add the Insightly Record Type and map the variable field value from the trigger "Lead record ID" to the end of this link{recordtype}/{recordid}


    You can also update Organizations, Opportunities, Projects, and custom objects, but you will need to use Zapier Webhooks to that done. This is still a 2-step Zap and would be free for the first 100 new records (resets your limit every month). You may need a developer like myself for help implementing custom webhooks.

    If you need to update pre-existing records that don't have an Insightly Record URL, then export a report with only the record IDs, give cell B1 the header name "Insightly Record URL", and input this formula into cell B2 (using the lead record for our example)


    copy cell B2, ctrl+shift+down arrow, ctrl+paste, highlight column B, Ctrl+copy, and paste as plain text.

    This will update the spreadsheet with the Insightly Record URL values, next delete any rows without a Record ID, save the spreadsheet as a CSV file, and now you are ready to import update your Insightly records.

    Let me know if you need help!

    Thank you,

    Micah Feldkamp


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