Communications platform incl IP-Telephony / VOIP

Wanted feature:

Linking to communications platforms (Skype, Hangout, VOIP, andy PBX) to Insightly, and:
call directly from the CRM (and record the conversation, no need of mine)
link to lead's/contact's/opportunity's/project's details



  • Hi Guys, Would love to get this feature too! Any release date for this?



  • Please don't forget auto-dial via mobile as well as VOIP etc

    See this thread:

    - I've found this most useful, but it would be 10 times better with a real Insightly integration or at least "active" links in phone numbers within Insightly.

  • Any update? Is it still on for Q1? I want to be able to click the number in insightly to call. 

  • I don't know if it's been suggested already (didn't read the entire thread) but can't a simple "callto:" URL fix the problem for a lot of programs? It would fix it for both Skype and Remote Phone Call.

  • Thank you for adding your voice to this request Rasmus!

  • Needs to integrate with Ring Central.  Quickly becoming a 800 lb gorilla


  • Can we get an update on where you guys are at with this?

  • Hi, just want to know if this feature is still on track and when we can expect it.

  • Hey guys,

    Just signed up to give this a trial, and without this support I can't really use the system as we can't scale it. Can we get an update on this please?

    Thanks guys, know you're working hard.

  • Hi, Whats the latest on this feature. I see its planned but what kind of time frame are we looking at. Also will it be an additional cost or only available for certain subscription tiers?

  • Hi guys, same question as above only dated 6 months later on 8-31-2016.  What did you decide and when will it be available?

  • Can't wait for this functionality. Need to use Remote Phone Call for my work flow:


  • This feature would be very useful.

  • This would be a great feature.  I use skype for my calls and this would be very helpful.  Please hurry!

  • Is there any update on this feature. It is badly needed and the only option out there Tenfold is too costly at a base price of $500 per month.

  • Much much agreed.  Something Similar to Tenfold (the cost of Tenfold is too great for small business).


  • Really look forward to this feature, I hope it is still on the roadmap for this year.

  • I will recommend please try Knowlarity for Indian phone integration...

  • Try 3CX. They have been around as VOIP integration providers for over a decade, and have a long list of resellers to assist with the installation and ongoing support. 

    Right now they only have an on premise option, but plan to have a hosted solution later this year. 

    Another option (like stated above) is Tenfold, but only if you have a large account (+20 users).

    Best of luck!



  • I assume this is just an integration done by Kixie with no modification on the Insightly side. This is not what I want. I would be good to get an update on the Insightly efforts to implement a similar functionality. I am looking forward to the promised Call to links.

  • I've been using Kixie's service for a while now. The click-to-call saves me a lot of time. It also saves me from manually entering a bunch of call activities. 

  • any updates on this? any official recommended phone integrations for insightly?

  • Hi,

    Would it be possible with a partial release where all phone numbers are transformed into Tel or Callto links? "Engineering" indicated that this functionality would be included in the Voip feature in the beginning of this thread:


    June 04, 2015 00:58

    Hi Eric, Thanks for your feature request.

    Insightly phone call feature is on our road map - you will be able to call, record the call and get a transcription and have the call be searchable using keywords all from within insightly's web application.

    Ola - with this feature all phone numbers will become call to links to open up the calling feature within insightly.


    Could you confirm that this is still included in the roadmap? It would give all your subscribers a low level integration to various call solutions.


  • Any target date for skype and insightly integration?  It has been our your radar for 2 years


  • I just watched your Q4 2017 Release of Insightly video and it shows and discusses built-in telephony integration for Insigthly. I switched to the "New User Experience" but do not see the telephony integration. Please advise, when will telephony be available per your Q4 2017 Release video?

  • A subject dear to me too - keen to see some in-app solution rather than anything external.

    Can you please point me to this video with a link?

  • @Stefan here's the video link:

    Please note that I have set the video to start at 12 minutes 25 seconds which is where they show the telephony features.

    You can easily start the video at the beginning if you want to see all the improvements that are being made to the Insightly system. The feature and UI improvements are significant and I would suggest viewing the entire video to anyone reading this comment in the next few weeks. After that time, they will likely force the new upgrades on all users.




  • Thanks @Aaron Ray for directing me to this feature!


  • Exciting release in the video. I too would like to know when it would be implemented!

  • Aaron,  Thanks for the video.  Really excited about the new features in insightly , including the telephony!  Any idea what the expected release date is?

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