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    Hello Everyone,

    Happy to announce that you are now able to create Custom Fields for Tasks!

    We know this was a long time coming and we are happy to share that this is now implemented. Starting today this feature is available. For the exact steps on the process, you can go to this article: How to create a custom field 

    We appreciated your patience. 

  • Thanks for posting, Thanachai. Your feedback is valuable. Other customers have requested tags for Tasks. You can see one of their posts here. Be sure to vote and comment on those features that matter to you. 

  • It would really be nice to be able to add custom fields. I'd really like to set up a task for a specific date, but then add reminder dates/times leading up to the task. hourly/daily/monthly, etc. 

  • @jculverhouse- I would recommend voting for it Here since the request has more votes there.

  • a custom field for the task where we can register the estimate time duration It's so important because we can evaluate the total load time for a human resource (with a report of course) during the planning fase.

    And it's useful during final balance with our customer to attach to the bill.


  • Thanks for contributing to this Giuseppe.

    Another User has made a similar suggestion that I encourage you to add your vote here :)

  • @Insightly Support: we would need that option, too. Would be great if you could implement this asap. Regards from Germany


  • @InsightlySupport

    I am a paid customer and would seriously love this for my team. Please advise

  • @Phil and @Lorenzo - Thank you for your feedback and for letting us know! 

  • I am totally for it. Do we have any Insightly answer for this?

  • @Pawel - Thank you for your feedback! 

    We don't currently have this on our road map but we appreciate your feedback!

  • @Jessica - Thanks for your answer.

    Do you think about adding some functionality to log work? Some timesheet or just another defined field for task? I find it very useful. It would albo be good functionality for project management. This is the only reason I am still using Atlassian Jira.

  • I hope , this might be a good option, I want this feature 

  • Hi @Pawal:

    Timecamp has created an integration with Insightly for time tracking. You can see more about this here :)

  • I'll add my vote for this feature. It would be so nice to add a custom field to track estimated time to complete a task. Then be able to print a report of a team member's tasks and see the total time allocated to that team member's tasks. That would be very helpful in managing a person's workload. Pretty please :-)

  • Custom fields for task is critical for varios reasons. Until Insight add the time tracking functionality we could add a field for time start, time end or time spent.

  • Other important feature for task and project management is dependency of one task from another task. Custom fields may help until Insightly actually added those basic functionalities to the application. 


  • I am wanting to document additional resources to a task - such as another person's involvement. It's difficult to completely define the project without having custom fields.


  • Although projects and tasks are the basics of work for the vast majority, there will always be specific needs for each.

    A great strength of Insightly is to be able to add and use with ease tags and custom fields in the various objects (contacts, organizations, opportunities, projects ...).

    Even if adding features of time tracking in the tasks is currently on the roadmap, offering Insightly's users the ability to customize the object "Tasks" (with custom fields and tags) would meet a very high percentage of currently missing requirements.

    Hoping to see this functionality appear in Insightly soon!

  • Custom fields in tasks (or any sub-category that you can have withing a Projects - i.e. milestone, Event etc) would be great for what we need at our office - which is measurement. I'd like to be able to create a Project, which has sub 'projects' within it - i.e. tasks. Great thing about having Tasks withing a project is that you can create reminders, see them in your Calendars etc. What I can't do at the moment is place numeric fields within those Task, which would contain numeric data. We could then create a report and measure the Project as a whole. IMO this would be better than creating multiple projects and tagging them as a single entity.

  • I'm really surprised you can't create customized fields, tags or dependencies for tasks. Also, there's no way to import milestones via spreadsheet (but it's possible to import projects and tasks via separate spreadsheets). Please build this in these enhancements as soon as possible. Insightly is really close to integrating CRM and project management functionality.   

  • Custom field for task is a must have thing. I am trying insighlty under a trial account, and if i can't have custom fields in tasks, I will probably not consider insightly.



  • 33 people have voted for adding custom fields to tasks starting nearly 2 years ago and still not available.  This should have been a standard feature a LONG time ago. 

  • I have noticed a trend over many of the feature requests. They are hardly ever acted upon and the support staff just string everyone along for years. A CRM that can't log/add contact phone calls, or allow for custom fields for task management is not a CRM in my opinion. Come on Insightly lift your game!!

  • Second Glen above. We need this feature - please add!

  • Can an Insightly Staff member please update everyone on this request and provide an ETA for when custom fields and tags for tasks will be added? It has been planned since 2015 and is still not available.


  • Yes, please give us an update and add time fields. 

    Thank you,


  • Insightly: Is there an update on this?


  • Bump.. so Insightly where are we at with this?!


    Lets get Task Custom Fields GOING!

  • Lol just realized this is a 2 year old post...

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