• Insightly NEVER updates anything. It is worthless having an ideas area.

  • What is the ETA on custom fields for tasks? 

  • There are other Insightly topic posts for tasks as well which many of us have been posting to for years.  We need custom fields and tags so your version of tasks will work for other than simplistic task management.

  • Can we have an update here please?  This has been requested since 2015 and there has been no progress.

  • Yes, I would like to see custom fields in Tasks as well. 


  • Having custom fields for tasks is a Must-Have for our projects. I'd appreciate if it can be added to Insightly.

    Also, I can see that it is "Planned". Is there any timeframe for it to be done? Thanks.

  • Having custom fields for tasks is a Must-Have for our projects. I'd appreciate if it can be added to Insightly.

    Also, I can see that it is "Planned". Is there any timeframe for it to be done? Thanks.

  • Can you please advise if we will be able to add a custom field to a task??

  • @sarah, don't hold your breath on this one.  Insightly can be pretty slow just with bug fixes.  Waiting on features is like waiting for hell to freeze over... not happening in this lifetime.  This was posted 3 years ago. :(

  • Custom Fields are a great add for us as well if we can make happen?

    Trying to link up external apps is next to impossible without this ability.


  • Hi, I am trying to evaluate whether I can keep Insightly as my business grows. I either need to move up a paid tier or jump to Salesforce. One of the ways Insightly doesn't work for me is that tasks don't have tags or custom fields. (The advanced reporting features have made a huge difference for the better, though.) But my business needs to know which tasks are high energy, which are low energy, which are quick, which need three hours, etc. I use categories for context, so all the QuickBooks related tasks have that category, but I look at tasks from many directions. By project, by client, by person, also by priority. With advance reports I can get nearly everything I want if you just give me a custom field or tags.

  • Hi Wendy,

    I checked with the Product team and confirmed that this is still planned. We don't have an ETA on when this will be delivered, but we are hoping to include it in our next product release. We'll keep you posted when things change. Thank you.

  • @Dennis B. When is the next product release? This is a 3 year old request and seems very basic. Please update. 

  • Hi Mavis. Our Q4 is between November and January. Our next quarterly release will be within that window. 

  • We are going to be reevaluating the renewal of Insightly for another year. It is expensive for the basic functionality that it can't provide.

    We need to have tasks associated with an organization.  Before, we were able to associate an organization to a task as we were creating that task...basic process flow.  They have taken this functionality away.

    In lieu of not being able to do that, I thought that creating a custom field in Tasks would allow me to build that association,  Now I am told that there are no custom fields for tasks.

    It is a no-win situation for my team who just needs a basic workflow




  • Hello Julie,

    Sorry to hear about your frustrations!

    In Insightly you do have the ability to link a Task to an Organization. I provided a small clip below that might help clarify this process.

    Hope that works!

  • Thanks!  Yes, this is what I was looking for to associate tasks to an organization.  I still think it is necessary to be able to add custom fields to a task and I hope this is implemented.

  • Hello Julie,

    Thanks for your feedback in regards to Tasks having custom fields. I'll pass this along. 

    Enjoy your day and weekend. 

  • I am needing custom fields for tasks!  Please Insightly.  This request is 3 years old!  Pretty please...because its Christmas?

  • Just adding another voice to the "hope this shows up in the Q4 release" for Custom tasks.

  • Custom fields in Tasks will be a huge time saver for me. I make extensive use of the Tasks feature for running my business. Yes please.

  • Hi - Although the update was great in term of custom fields for projects, leads, contacts, etc, I feel that having it in Tasks is also a huge necessity. Hopefully this can happen soon, as it's been almost 4 years since this specific feature has been requested on the forums.



  • The same way as the custom fields are useful for opportunities, organizations, contacts, projects, ... the custom fields will be great feature also for tasks.

  • To the insightly team. Please note that custom fields and "tags" are two very different things. Your posts redirecting users to a tags page are disingenuous because they are related to a completely different matter. It has been three and one half years since this post. We are out of Q4/2018 and this functionality does not exist. It is frustrating to purchase Insightly in order to use the ability to add custom fields to objects and then get hamstrung on what will probably be the MOST COMMONLY USED OBJECT. 

    A key question we will want to answer for any client is "How much time are we investing in the client?" This is central to the relationship. That you don't have a simple "Time Spent" field on tasks is mind boggling.

  • Hi folks! Just a quick update: this request did not make it in today's release. 

    But don't fret! This feature is in development and will be delivered in a few weeks. I'll keep everyone posted. Thanks!  

  • Finally some promising coming update. It been a long time but finally our request are heard.  I am excited. Cheers

  • Any updates on the development of this? We're three weeks into "a few weeks" and I'd like to be able to give my users an update if possible.

  • We're still working on it! We'll update this thread as soon as we hear something new. Hang tight! 

  • It's been 5 weeks- our company needs this feature. We've thought through alternatives and there's not an alternative to custom fields for task. Can we please get an ETA?

  • The new Insightly API v3.1 includes custom fields:!/Tasks/UpdateEntity

    Crossing my fingers for this feature to be released very soon!

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