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Just starting with Insightly and so far so good. I wanted to know if the New Card Scanner will 1. always be limited for basic plans and 2. have to be reviewed by real people.

This feature is great for professional Fairs. In our business we have 3/4 important wine fairs per year in which several contacts are made and during the same meeting you want to write down a good amount of info. If the Card Scanner worked as other apps do (take a picture and the data appears automatically on screen to create a new contact) we could start immediately creating an Opportunity and the Tasks linked to it (samples and information of each wine/product for ex.). Now we take the picture to the card, no contact is created and we still have to write down all the meeting information on pen and paper waiting for the contact to be created on Insightly.


Thank you very much!


Juan Iglesias



  • @Juan Thanks for your feedback! At this time we do not have plans to change how the business cards are being reviewed since we expect the real person review to be able to gather the data more accurately. 

    In regards to the limitations in scans we hope to eventually have the option to purchase additional scans on your plan. This would be something that would need some votes to get built!


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  • I can definitely see auto being a good feature. I have customers who would never need the larger packages but literally have 200 business cards each week to scan in. Now they can use cam card or a third party tool to scan them but then getting them into Insightly is the issue since it doesn't detect an email sent in the body of an email. That would give people an alternative when they require high volumes of cards to be scanned. 

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