Mapping Organization/Customer Physical Locations

Though Skype and Webex etc are great, many of us still have a need to visit customers. I travel all over the US to visit and work with customers. But mapping is powerful even for those working a local area. And Mapping is not only for an individual, it is important if you are running a team of people in the field (sales guys, techs, etc.) 

Just as google maps can show all the coffee shops in an area, I want to be able to see all my organizations on a map in an area, zooming in and out, just like google maps. 

How would I use it? I just set a meeting with company X in Amherst, MA. I am flying in to Hartford Conn. What other organizations can I hit while on this trip? Multiple states, multiple area codes, multiple zip codes...and even if you used these parameters to accurately filter the organizations in an area, you still do not know how they all relate to each other from driving point of view. Organizations on a map saves hours and hours and likely reveals opportunities you may not otherwise have discovered.

I specify organizations above because I think contact information would be too dense, though there are some interesting ideas there as well, a heat map for contacts could be quite useful. But that should be a separate post.



  • Hi Richard,

    We really appreciate your time in leaving this detailed request and explaining how you would use it. I know you're specifically asking to tying mapping to Organizations records, but here's a related post where customers are asking for an integration with contact records and maps. I hope you'll visit " Integrate with Google Maps". You might find the comments helpful. Thanks!

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  • Hi Richard, It sounds like you are describing exactly what you can do by using the Badger Map and Insightly together. You can see what customers are in a certain Geographic area and plan out your route when you are there. Badger can integrate with Insightly with APIs or spreadsheets so that you can see all your data from Insightly on a Google Map. You can also colorize and filter the customers on the map based on their attributes, and build and optimize routes and schedules to plan your day faster. Badger is specifically used for this use case with field sales people.

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