Using Project Management with Clients? Integration or Suggestions?

Hello - Noob here to insightly but not to CRMs and such so wanted to see if a) there was something that I was overlooking or b) if anyone in the community had a suggestion.  

So we get a client, track them through, create opportunity and then have a project - great.  

However much of our project has back and forth with the client for revisions, approval, insight, etc.  We currently use Basecamp for this and looked at Zapier - but there's not a Insightly -> Basecamp integration for creating a new project in Basecamp from a won oppportunity (or project) from Insightly.  

I can't be the only person that goes back and forth with their client on projects - what is the work around or is there a better project management software that integrates with Insightly?

Thanks - Matt



  • Hi Matthew. This is a must have for any project management software, but is currently missing from Insightly. Though it has been brought up a few times over the last few months, Insightly has not shared anything to show that it is on their roadmap of feature additions.

    My personal flow works, but is not perfect. Within Insightly, I create a new email, copy/paste details into the email, and send it to the client. That means that what I copy and paste needs to be perfect, and the formatting crisp and always look uniform to ensure a professional presence. Kinda tough sometimes. Even with templates there is a chance that a copy and paste is wrong, or looks bad and inconsistent. Anyway.. their reply goes into my Gmail, where I can use the new sidebar (in Chrome only) to connect it to the project. Or I forward it to the email associate to Insightly project. Either way, I get it back into Insightly and can manage / organize the changes, and determine the appropriate next step. It is clunky, but worked OK the few times I did it.

    I would hope someone has a better flow than that. Would be nice to see how other people handle this very important task.

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  • Thanks Jeff - I don't mind using an outside program like I've been doing with Basecamp (as this is what they're built to do) but thought that there would be a zap or something to push from insightly to BC or similar.   Kind of makes the project element internal only (even using pipes) which doesn't help me actually manage the project.  

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  • "which doesn't help me actually manage the project." .. yup .. same here. I also do not want to use a third party app since I am already an Insightly customer. But I would entertain this if the proper solution came around.

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  • Hi Matthew,

    I created a How To Video for you for tracking the Project Status. The best workaround for using only Insightly's Project Management feature is to use a combination of a Task & Custom Drop Down Field or Task & custom report. 

    Workaround #1 Task & Custom Drop Down Field

    a.Create a custom drop down field for Projects named Client Status

    b.Leave the default choice blank and second choice Waiting On Client

    c.Use a Filter to view the Projects with the custom fields populated with Waiting On Client

    d.Create a Task and use the Reminder and Due Dates to update your client in order to keep the Project moving along

    e.Use the Status in the Task to identify you are waiting on the client by selecting Status: Waiting On Someone Else.

    Workaround #2 Task & custom report

    a.Same as Workaround #1 except skip points a.thru c.

    b.Create custom report via Easy Insight's custom reporting service pulling the following information into one report: Organization name, Project name, Project Status (Tasks Status), Task Reminder Date, Task Due Date, and any other meaningful information you may need for this Project Status by Client Report. 

    Note: Insightly is coming out with a new update (not sure when) that will enhance their custom reporting features, which means you may not need Easy Insight's custom reporting services. 


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