Specific Exports

It would be really helpful is data could be exported on a more selective basis.


I want to only export my pipelines and activity sets.


As a web designer I use specific pipelines and activity sets, I also help other companies use my services and white label them, therefore I want to transfer ONLY my pipelines, activity sets and maybe categories to other users insightly accounts.

Migrating this manually is an arduous task to say the least. Especially as the input fields used on the Insightly platform are a bit odd and not conducive to a clipboard manager such as Ditto. 

Has this feature been discussed?

Much like most of my requests of late it would make a lot of sense to allow custom post type specific settings / bulk management and also export / import. 




  • Hi David- Thanks for your great feedback. I've seen other users request Pipelines and Activity Sets to be included in the overall export; but not the option to only have the Pipeline or Activity Set exported. This is not currently on our road map; but is an excellent suggestion.

    Your explanation for the need of this feature is extremely helpful as well. Thanks for taking the time to provide this information.

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  • No problem. It would allow me to create pipeline and activity sets and then give them away to customers to encourage them to use Insightly!

    Hell! It would allow you guys at Insightly to pre create template sets which are commonly used and useful for different business and uses and give them to customers or even add complex ones to your premium packages. 

    Trello did this recently and it was pretty damn genius by releasing pre created boards setup ready to use. See: https://trello.com/inspiration?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Newsletter-August

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