Apply activity sets to milestones

I would love to be able to apply activity sets not just to a project but to milestones within a project. Rather than creating a project for each activity/event, sometimes I would prefer to have an ongoing project with repetitive milestones - like running a webinar series.

The project is "webinar series" and the milestones are each individual monthly webinar. I'd like to be able to assign my activity set "webinar tasks" to each milestone. Since I can only assign to the project, I have to then go in to each task and change it to match the specific milestone I'd like it to fall under. 

If I could apply activity sets to milestones, I wouldn't then have to go into each task after I assign it to the project. Does anyone see a more efficient way to handle this? Or might Insightly be making changes that would help with this issue soon?



  • Hi Stephanie!

    Unfortunately, we do not have the option to had activity sets to milestones at this time. This is a great suggestion. I would suggest adding this to our Product Feedback section.

    What you can try is to create an Activity Set labeled "webinar series" followed by the next months series, etc. From there you continuously use those Activity Sets for each step.

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  • Hello Stephanie,

    What do you mean by "...go in to each task and change it to match the specific milestone I'd like it to fall under."?

    The reason I ask this question is because Insightly is unable to relate Tasks to Milestones. This may help clarify what Records can be related: Tasks can be related to Projects and Milestones can be related to Projects. In addition, we can use Pipelines instead of Milestones, which may get you the results you want. Pipelines show a linear step by step visualization of where you are at in the process of your Project. At each stage in the Pipeline you can automatically generate Tasks or Activity Sets, which works best if the steps are always the same. 

    If you complete the same steps every month when creating your webinars, then use Pipelines for your webinar Projects. What you will want to do is create a "Webinar" Project for every month. You may also want to create a Category called Webinar and label your Projects with that Category. At this point in time I cannot tell you exactly how you should configure your Pipeline and Activity Sets considering we do not know enough about your process, but what we can do is provide this support page link to help you with setting up Pipelines.

    Note: If you use Pipelines, you cannot use Milestones and vice versa. 

    Let us know if you need any additional support.


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  • Hi Michah, thanks for the advice! I do realize that using a pipeline would work if I broke it up by each webinar. If I plan my webinars a year out, though, that would make for a lot of unaccomplished projects cluttering up Insightly. Rather, I was hoping to make "Webinars" itself the project and each of the monthly webinars a milestone for the year. If I could apply activity sets to milestones, that system would work beautifully. Then, I could easily track webinar progress for the year and keep all my docs/communications in one spot instead of having 12 individual projects. 

    I can still make it work the one project way without the ability to apply activity sets to milestones. It's just that after I apply the activity set to the project, I then have to into each individual task of the set and change the date and the milestone to which the tasks are attached. A bit of extra work when I would love to just click a button that applies the set to each milestone. Or I may go the pipeline route (which I just conceptualize as a bit more clunky). 

    Thanks again for the support, though!

    And Nora, thanks to you too - I will head over to product feedback. 



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  • You make great points! I'm thinking maybe a Pipeline with the stages equaling the months of the year could work. That way everything will be under one Project and each stage could represent a Milestone/Month.

    If you want to have "Milestones" in your Project, you can make a Task a "Milestone" by creating a new Category for it called "Milestone" and/or by naming the Task "Webinar: January Milestone". It is really going to depend on how you manage your Tasks like using your calendar to view Tasks versus the Tasks list. Then add that Task to the Activity Set you want to use for your Pipeline. If all the Tasks in the Activity Set are the same for every Pipeline stage, then add the same Activity Set to each stage. If you have different Tasks with names like "Webinar: January Milestone", then create different Activity Sets/Tasks for each Month/Pipeline stage.

    In conclusion, you can automatically create a "Milestone" and Activity Set by moving to the next stage in the Pipeline. This should reduce your clicks, centralize your Project information, and provide an easy way to identify Tasks associated with the your Webinar Project. 

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  • having the limitation of either pipelines OR milestones but not both is in my opinion a poor design decision; in my experience, the flexibility of having parallel activity vs serial more closely mirrors useful use cases in the real world. the inability to attach activity sets to milestones is definitely a feature that should get some attention!

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  • I have exactly the same issue as Stephanie and want exactly the same thing.  In my case, it's Clients and Work Sessions.  I have 15-20 clients at any time and do 5-7 work sessions a year for them.  That means 75-140 separate projects/year.  That is really hard to manage.  I should be able to make each Client a project, and each Work Session I do with them a Milestone within that Project.  

    Pipeline Phases won't work because the sequence and number of work sessions varies from client to client.  So each client would need it's own Pipeline.  Milestones would be perfect.

    Micah (great to reconnect w/you) it actually IS possible to associate Tasks with Milestones in Insightly.  The issue is that you have to make the association manually.  You can create the tasks individually and assign them to a Milestone as you do so.  You also can create an Activity Set for the Project, and then open up each task within the Activity Set and attach it to a Milestone.  The latter works but allows way too much opportunity for error.

    Insightly Team. . .this is the kind of thing that aggravates the daylights out of customers.  I was just told by Katy from your support team that you have no plans to enable users to attach Activity Sets to Milestones.  Clearly, the existing code allows for Tasks to be attached to Milestones, so you understand that it is an important capability.  And the current functionality works quite well.  You also clearly understand the value of Activity Sets.  All that would be required to connect the two would be:

    A) A bulk action on the Activity Set screen allowing the user to select a Milestone to which the entire activity set could be applied.


    B) A dropdown next to each task in the Activity Set window allowing the user to assign tasks to Milestones one by one.  


    Option A requires a little bit of code - you would have to write something that would execute the bulk action.  But you're just invoking a capability that already exists, so it shouldn't be hard.

    Option requires no new code at all - just making the existing "Attach Task to Milestone" dropdown available in the Create Activity Set window. 


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