Feature Request: Cure Contact Sync Madness Disease (CSMD) -- CardDAV to the Rescue! :)

After years of frustration regarding the utter lack of a functional 2-way sync process between Google Contacts and Insighly Contacts, and many appointments with my doctor, I've come to realize that we're all thinking about this the wrong way. Why are we trying to *sync* anything?!?

Managing contacts is Insightly's job.  We should instead be able to just use Insightly as a contact list provider within our iPhone or other smart devices.  In other words, why not just do what Google Contacts is doing natively?

To be clear, I'm asking Insightly to implement the CardDAV protocol:
https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/CardDAV natively so that we don't have to fool around with these terrible sync solutions.  FastMail recently implemented
this protocol to make their contacts accessible from iPhones and other smart devices, and all changes made on the device are automatically "synced" because they are made right at the source.

So, the thought occurred to me: Why doesn't Insightly provide an actual solution to the madness and provide native access to contacts from iPhones by providing CardDAV support?  This precludes any need and complexities of performing syncs between different contact repositories.

"With CardDAV, you can access your FastMail contacts on your mobile phone, tablet or smart watch, with any changes you make on any device kept in sync"

A cure for Contact Sync Madness Disease (CSMD) is within reach.  Vote today to develop this cure now.




  • Hello Jonathan, thank you for your post! 

    I understand and appreciate the usefulness that an implementation like this provides. 

    I appreciate your spirited campaign for CardDAV, thank you!

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  • This is a great request. We use insightly among others as center point for contacts and it is a real struggle to keep it sync between all our team members.

    This update will be really appreciated.


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  • 110% agree. Contact sync is a nightmate.

    I suffer form advanced phase CSMD. Looking for a cure.

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  • I agree. What is the update on this?

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  • Yes please!  Effective sync pretty well becomes requirement 1 for any workflow - doesn't matter what else the CRM does... without a way of effortlessly keeping contacts up to date from normal day to day activity it simply adds too much overhead.  So this would be great.  Update?

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